App lagging

Hi I was playing on expert server earlier and suddenly I got 2 violations I was following the right speed that the aircraft should be flying below 10k which is 240kts and I was flying by around 215kts, I don’t know if it’s my phone or the app that’s lagging, please help me cuz I won’t be able to play expert :(

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I had lag just now on training server. Might be issue with IF

Hey mate, I understand you are trying to get these violations removed. Well, to do that, you will need physical proof (such as a replay) to help us understand the situation. While I can’t remove violations, moderators can, and I assume they will get involved soon. To make the process of removing these violations brief, give this article a read.


Violations will not be removed unless there is physical evidence that the violations were caused by an Infinite Flight defect.

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