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Recently I’ve been receiving some lag in my game. I’ve lowered my settings and that still doesn’t seem to work. I stream this game and its never given me problems Till about a week or two ago. I was streaming and i had to stop it cause the game was at like really laggy. I’ve flown from KLAX to EGGL before and little to no lag. now i fly from there i can barely make it to the runway cause the lag is so bad. (I just leave the game). Right now I’m flying from KSFO-CYYZ and once i got over like 10k feet it started lagging. In the cockpit it doesn’t lag at all but when i go to the wing view frames drop.

I use an Iphone 7 Plus.
With a joystick +Throttle


Do you restart your device and clear RAM before each flight? Also, do you play with screen brightness too high?

How do you clear RAM? #noob. My brightness its usually all the way up but that didn’t give me problems before.

Hold your power button until the slider to turn off your device appears, then hold the home button for a few seconds until you’re taken to the home screen.
I’m also on the Iphone 7 Plus, I usually get Lag with Brightness all the way up, and moving my camera allot during flight.

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Its still kinda laggy. ill restart my phone and all and see

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If none of those options work, then I suggest re-installing the app and seeing how that goes ;).

Hi! As you keep recording and using memory at the same time, your phones ram starts to decrease and your storage starts collecting cache and eventually will run out of its storage! I recommend before each time you record a flight or stream, make sure to wait a few seconds for the “streamed app” to match with the current FPS… For me, if you stream at 720p during your flight, your fps will drop dramticly and it wont adjust… So give it a second before you start

These ‘app lagging’ topics need to stop or become rarer and rarer. There are simply too many of them coming up. If you are experiencing lag, please search for a topic already posted and use the advice given on there. Replications of each can just be annoying. I understand lag problems can be annoying, but think; refrain from making a whole new topic on it and look around for one with advice and help already given.

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Might also be a good idea to read the pinned posts.