App lagging then crashing after 5 minutes

I just loaded into a new flight and right when I loaded in, my device was really laggy but wasn’t getting hot and my FPS was really low. Then as I was about 5 minutes in after loading, I was still lagging then Infinite Flight crashed. By the way, I did have graphics on high but even changing them to low didn’t seem to make any difference. Also limit frame rate was on.

What device and OS do you use?

iPhone 11 running on the latest software

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It’s a known issue. That’s mainly happening because everyone is flying atm and the servers are very overloaded. I would recommend trying again later today or tomorrow or when the servers are be back to normal.

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Alrighty. Thanks

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iPhone 7 IOS 13.5 and I was having on my current flight from SFO to Hong Kong. I forgot to perform a restart before the flight, so it’s been running a little bit difficult for the whole flight, but I did manage to make it over 11 hours in, so that’s a good sign. What’s weird is that it was lagging, but I put on headphones and it greatly reduced the lag. Any ideas?