App lagging and shuting down after unlinking API

Device: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Android 9, MiUI Global 11.0.6 Global
Settings medium, plane count high, ingame battery saving on.
The device couldn’t run hot as it’s placed on the glass of my tablet and was held at 100% battery only using a 5V~1A power brick.

Video showing the lagging:

Seems like I’m really unlucky atm. So while testing this problem IF blacks out and crashes when sharing fpl I ran into another issue. Just as a heads up to the developers, I was able to share my fpl without problems before this issue. However this incident happend below FL200, too. So I’m not sure wether the problems are linked.

At my last fuel check 14:30 hrs into the flight everything was still normal and buttery smooth. Notice I encountered no problems after pressing the sharing button at this point. 1 1/2 hrs later I came back to start my descend into Perth and noticed that the HUD was stuttering as if the low power mode didn’t disable after touching the screen. So I went into the settings and turned it off. However that didn’t change anything. Interestingly, the notification center was running smoothly. I then started recording a screencapture and tried by changing the graphic settings to high. Ironically it seems like the lags were not as servere for a few seconds after changing the settings. However, as nothing seemed to help I decided to stop recording to not worsten the problem and just land the plane via APPR to investigate futher once on ground. But a minute later I had the idea to try to unlink the API as I’m running IFPAX and IFAssistant in the background. So in a final effort I went into the settings and klicked the IF connect checkmark and in that second i got spit out on my home screen. I went back to infinte flight just to find myself staring at the loading screen leaving me on the IF home screen. So this time no black screen, no app crash report, nothing.
All I’m left with is an entry of 0 min flight time in my replay folder, altough the logbook is showing the correct 16:07hrs flight time and I can access every second of it in the replay.
A bit frustrating as I was able to complete 13 and 14 hrs+ flights in the open beta into highly frequented regions in the much higher quality 777F and A350 on this exact same device without any issues at all.
I really hope the devs can work this out as this is not the experience I’m willing to pay for over 10 bucks a month as a loyal customer after this intense beta testing.

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