App keeps freezing

So the last three out of four flights my app freezes up for at least 10+ minutes and it is starting to become annoying and this started just today. I’m waiting this one out to see if anything will change.

iPad 2018 9.7 inch
I have at least 50 GB of 128 GB free
2 GB of ram ?
Before each flight which has only been 3-5 hours long I would restart the iPad and had the same result. Now After being frozen for 30 mins it has crashed

Are you flying with all other apps closed? Having other apps open can degrade performance.

I am flying with three other apps in the background (related to IF) but you see this has never been a problem. I literally never changed a single thing and it’s starting to act up.

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2GB of RAM isn’t a lot - are you restarting all of these apps before each flight…

Yes I am. I haven’t restarted the app about 95% of the time prior to today and this didn’t happen.

Thinking about it could a Bluetooth speaker have an effect?

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What exactly are the apps you are trying to run? You may be going a bit overboard with your RAM if you have 3 3rd party apps on a phone with 2GB.

Like I said I’ve done it plenty of times before even on very long flights (even 15+ hrs) and IF Pax, IF-O,IF-A The only thing I can think of was my Bluetooth speaker I was using

@Tsumia and I’m on a iPad not a phone

iPad, phone, whatever.

What are your graphical settings?

All on high

Do you perform soft restarts of your iPad before your flight?

On ultra long haul flights but at that point I’m reducing my graphic setting as 95% of the time have no issues with any flight under 10 hrs

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