App keeps freezing and crashing today

I have been trying to put together a flight plan for over an hour now but the app keeps freezing then crashes every time less than two minutes after spawning at the airport. I’ve been trying to leave out of MCO but I’ve spawned to a few different airports and it does the same thing.

I tune to ground after I spawn at the airport and you can hear the ATC communications for a minute or two, then it just goes silent, however the captions still move at the top of the screen and you can still read the ATC communications in the ATC window. The app freezes the minute you touch anything in the ATC window, such as Tune out of KMCO Ground. Then you have to close the app by forcing it to close but it takes like 20 to 30 seconds for the app to actually close and allow me to use my iPad again.

This just started today, I have had no issues before like this. My app is up to date as far as I know and so is my iPad. It’s a brand new iPad Pro 12.9 inch not even a month old with absolutely nothing on it but IF. I’ve obviously restarted the app several times and have restarted my iPad but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated 😔


Hello there. Please see the post linked below by Cameron.


Happened to me too, just posted a topic about actually, it’s really just making me want to try other sims because the servers are what really brings the community together

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Oh thank you guys! I did not see those topics posted, my bad!

100% fine.