App keeps crashing!

The app always crashes when I’m on final approach. All of the settings are on the lowest, the device gets restarted before every flight. The developers just blame the device even though it’s only 5 years old. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to cancel the online subscription

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Welcome back!

Do you have any other apps open besides Infinite Flight?

If you do - it might be worth making sure Infinite Flight is the only app running - and see if that improves things.

No, I close all apps so nothing is running in background

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me too, my game just crashed while on short final, this only happens to me when flying the A380

@aidans_aviationIG how much storage is left on your device? If your device is critically low on storage - the app is more likely to crash.

Just done it then into Manchester with the A380, so it’s not like the airport is busy you know what I mean. And people can say it’s just because the servers are busier due to the recent update this has been happening for months

I thought that but no, I have a 128GB iPad and it has near half the storage left

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Yeah storage is not the problem - lemme do some digging.

I know you mentioned your settings were on the lowest but just to double check, do you have frame rate set to 30fps or 60fps? - as that can make a substantial difference.

Yeah it’s on 30fps, anti aliasing is off etc

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Can we ensure we are asking for the basic information first?

@aidans_aviationIG , sorry to hear you’re having issues, can you clarify a few things first:

  • what device are you using (brand and specific model) and is it up to date?

  • What app version are you using

  • How much storage do you have free

  • where during your flights is the device crashing? Is it only on final or at other points?

  • what is your aircraft count set at?


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It’s the 6th generation iPad I think, the model was released in 2018 but I may have got this in 2019. Version 24.2. I have 66GB left of storage. 90% of the time it’ll crash when I’m less than 30 seconds from touchdown, recently however it wouldn’t let me taxi to the runway but I have been at Dubai/Heathrow etc as I wanted to try a few of the 380 routes. The airplane count is low but I do show the dots just so I know where people are

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Hi, reading this now. Seems unfortunate. A few things to try are clearing the scenery catch, restarting the application before each flight, or updating your IOS version to it’s current one. Each crash is usually looked into so you could email support as well. Best, Jake Rogers

Hi yeah even the cache clearing I do before every flight. I tried emailing support but they just go ahead and blame the device I’m using and not the app

Thanks for confirming…

According to your online stats, the iPad you’re using is am iPad 6,11 which I believe is actually a 5th gen iPad, but even assuming it’s 6th gen, it is a pretty old device.

It’s no longer supported by Apple and is pretty old in the tech world. 6 years is a long time for a phone/ tablet. It’s not helped by the fact your device only has 2gb ram, which is likely to be one of the main contributing factors to it crashing, especially in busier areas.

I’m aware that you’ve previously contacted support and they’ve told you that the issue is the device - unfortunately, in this situation, that’s correct. As apps develop over time, the resources required to run them also increase. This is the same for apps on your phone, tablet, console and PC. In order to make the most of newer features, newer hardware is often needed, and this unfortunately does mean that over time, older devices will gradually lose support for the application.

As you have your settings on the lowest available, unfortunately there is nothing that we can suggest to make your experience any better, other than of course purchasing a new device, which is understandably not a suitable solution for most people.

I would suggest maybe using some of the slightly older aircraft if you wish to continue flying. I hope you’ll continue to fly with us if you do decide to get a new device in the future.



Ok no worries. Thanks for your quick reply

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