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Hello guys. As you know infiniteflight has been experiencing app crashes lately. But my app keeps crashing while flying even after the hot fix. I was taking off from Calgary to London Sunday and app crashed. Now today I was being being vectored by approach into Seoul after a 10 hour flight from Vienna when app unexpectedly crashed. I did reach the contoller to let him know. He confirmed I was glitching out. In case you’re wondering I have all my settings set to high. That includes my airplane count. I have an iPhone 13. If anyone knows any solution so they all cannot crash and run more smoothly pls let me know. Also app closes sometimes after I leave the app, let’s say file s flight plan, check FR24 or answering a text.



Sorry about the inconvenience!

The crash you experienced about 15 minutes ago is something we’re working on.
It might even be that it’s fixed for the coming hotfix we have on the way now but I’m waiting for confirmation on that.


There is a time limit in terms of leaving the app of about a minute.
After that you will be kicked.

My best guess is that right here is probably where your problem is coming from. Infinite Flight is a graphically intensive game, and this can accelerate device aging, especially over periods of extensive use because it raises the temperature of the processor, causing it to work harder.

My advice is that you do the following:

  • Set all settings to low/very low.
  • Enable low power mode in-game settings
  • Point your in-game view toward something static like a primary flight display, the sky, or even into the captain’s chair, so the game doesn’t have to constantly load new scenery.
  • Lower device brightness
  • Remove your device’s case, if it has one.
  • Prop your device up near cool air (i.e. a vent, a small fan, whatever you have.)
  • Clear all background apps that may be running - frees up processing power.
  • Restart the device prior to each and every flight - ensures your device is running at peak performance.

All of the above tips have made marked improvements to how long my device(s) are able to sustain a flight, and have not materially impacted my flight experience. I would imagine doing the same will have a positive impact on your device’s performance because I was also flying on an iPhone 13.

Oh ok cool I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks !

Oh lol no wonder. Is there is a specific time limit ?

Yes, there is.

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I’ve had this exact same thing happen to me every time I fly on a server too!

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I had the same problem yesterday.
Taking off from a busy Heathrow and heading for Munich. After 10 mins in the air, the app chrashed… hopefully they are able to fix it. My device is an Iphone 13Pro.

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