App keeps crashing

So I understand that app crashes are common here and there but I just tried to run FACT-EHAM twice (once over night and the other this morning) and the app keeps crashing several hours in.

I have a iPad 7th generation with iOS 16.6 and was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent this. I was flying low graphics and had the brightness down to prevent battery draining. But like am I missing something here or is my luck terrible.

Not to mention a similar thing happened the other day with a flight from WSSS-FAOR but finshed it the second time.

you can try to clear your cache or even do a restart on your device by turning it off for 60 seconds then turning it on.

I restarted prior to this but don’t think it was 60 seconds but was a restart.

Are you getting forced notifications by chance? Something must be pausing the app and causing a crash.

What would u mean by forced

It could be phone calls, text messages, or store notifications.

Yes I get calls sometimes while in flight but it usually doesn’t bother it from what I can tell

Honestly it could be a cache issue I would love to find out but I don’t have time till Thursday or Friday.

I see that you turn down brightness and graphics which is good. How bout your available storage? Is it possible you need to free up some space.

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I agree with this one, this one works really well.

Not sure what apps you use on your device but Youtube, Music, any sort of editing apps will take a large chunk of storage.

Good luck 👍

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