App keeps crashing

This has been happening for almost a year now, and I am quite fed up. Everytime, no matter how long my flight length is or how much traffic, my app would crash on final approach. It’s challenging to land without crashing when there’s no one there, but impossible when theres traffic at an airport. This has really deterred me from getting a subscription more often, which saddens me because I love IF, been playing for years. But it’s really challenging to do a flight with traffic nowadays.

Device: iPhone 13
Operating system: IOS 16.3.1

A few tip that I use to lessen the chances of my game crashing:

  • Graphic settings put to medium or low
  • Airplane count set to low

My iPad always, always crashes if I set the airplane count to Very High when approaching busy airports. This wasn’t a problem back in 2020 and 2021, but is now.

Set your airplane count to Medium at most and try to reduce graphics settings if your device is on the older side.

Games will always keep pushing the envelope and thus our devices’ performance will wane over time.

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