App keeps crashing

Every time I do a long haul flight the app crashes when I have 1 hour remaining. It’s very annoying I have extra space, I redownloaded it, I tried everything. This is not what I payed for.

I am playing on an Iphone 8

Can someone tell me what to do???

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I think you should clear the cache. If this fails, you should explore ALL other options before deleting and re-downloading the app. Deleting is a last resort because all replays and data that is stored on your device will be lost

Have you tried restarting your device. Crashes after long flights are often down to memory issues.

This is a good reply from @schyllberg relating to crashes after long haul flights.

What iOS are you using?

Yes, I explored every option but still does not work.

I am using IOS 15.3

I have tried that every flight still does not work

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Another idea could be to look at lowering some graphics settings to ease the demand on the device.

Yes I realized I had all my setting at high, I will put them on to low and then on to medium. Thanks for your help!

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No problem. You can really improve your IF experience by finding the graphics setting combination that works best for your device!

Yep I will test it out and get back to you

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I tested it out and it mostly worked I kept it in low graphics but then I turned it up to medium and my phone crashed. I will try again but I won’t turn up the graphics I will leave it the same (at medium) thanks

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Hey this literally just happened to me as well, I rarely if ever have problems with crashes on IPhone 8…
Also I reset my phone literally before starting the flight

Try clearing your replays