App keeps crashing

Hi guys,
Today I’ve had 4 app crashes whilst flying around or at Las Vegas (I know it’s been busy which might not have helped) I have re started my device every time and this has not helped. I just had 2 app crashes after I filed flight plans for an overnight but I gave up because it just kept crashing on taxi! Is there anything I can do to stop this and do the devs know this is happening more and more often as it’s starting to effect the game a little bit more (just like it used to be😭)
Thank you!


Is this issue new, as in did it not occur in a previous build of Infinite Flight? Can you provide more information particularly the following:

Device Make, Model, and Operating System
Available storage
Graphics settings
Aircraft count settings

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I had a similar issue before with an older iPad. As soon as I used a brand new iPad Pro, things ran smoothly and perfectly. Your device making might be the issue.

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This happened to me when I tried to fly out of JFK, I wasn’t surprised because I have a potato, make sure to list all of these things aswell.

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It’s an iPad Air 3 operating 14.4.2 with 44.6GB out of 64gb used storage. Graphics were all high with airplane count medium.
This iPad is only 2 years old and one of the new models back then so I really hope it’s not that!!

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I can also report that I have had multiple crashes on approach lately - with absolutely no change to settings.

Device Make, Model, and Operating System:

iPad 8th Generation, MYLD2VC/A, 15.2

Available storage:

57.13 GB (out of total 128 GB)

Graphics settings:

High/AA on/ 30fps

Aircraft count settings:



Before I get the usual “turn down your settings” replies - I don’t believe I have to… As I have been playing with this set up for a very long time now crash free, including while streaming on twitch and playing Spotify in the background.

I feel like all of a sudden something is now different which is causing the crashing… Or I could be completely wrong. In any event just reporting that I am having a similar issue.

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Here are my recommendations:

  • First of all, I advise you to switch off your iPad quite regularly.
  • Then empty the cache before a long flight or to an important Hub (FNF for example).
  • Considering your ipad you can be in “High” with the graphics when you are on the ground and just after landing but you must put them in “low” once you’re on cruise and you can put them back to “high” for the descent.
    It happens that the airports do not load so I put you below a link that could help you:

Hope this helps you!

Make sure you have frames per second set at 30 fps. It’s always good practice to restart your device before flights to keep things fresh as well.


Thank you!

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