App keeps crashing

Hello everyone,

My app crashes every time I come anywhere close to Heathrow Airport, but it doesnt happen at other 3D airports. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to prevent this from happening?


Please can you provide more info, such as the device and graphics settings you are using?

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Hello, can you please be more specific? Including things such as the make and model of your device, available storage, operating system, background apps running, internet connection and what are your graphics and live settings.

Device: iPad 6th Generation 2018
Rendering quality is high
3D object density is high
rendering resolution is high
Texture quality is high
Anti aliasing is on
and frame rate limit is 30fps

Have you tried spawning with low settings?

I have not. How do I do that? Just switch everything to its lowest setting?

Open IF then head to the “settings” tap on the Home Screen. Under “graphics” you’ll see where you can reduce your settings.

Not sure if that’ll help, but worth a try.

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Thanks! I appreciate it

Lowering your settings could help as Darius pointed out. I’d recommend lowering rendering quality to medium first, maybe lower aircraft count to medium as well (found in Live settings).

6th Generation 2018 iPad should be capable of running most settings at the higher range but there are other factors that will impact your experience such as your device’s battery condition, available storage, eliminating apps from running in the background, disabling auto-updates and disabling GPS services.

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One other thing to note, Apple just pushed out another iOS update, OS 14.6 to be exact. Not sure if your experience changed with the operating system update.

Thank you! I havent updated my ipad yet. I’ll give that a go and see what happens! ;)

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