App keeps crashing

My IF keeps crashing after I’ve updated it. I don’t know if this is a problem with the update or is this my own problem? Does anyone know? Thanks.


It’s a known issue. The little bugs are in 20.1 ;( Definitely not your end :)

Ok, I thought it was me because my device doesn’t have a lot of storage.

Had the same problem most likely from the servers nothing to do with the device

Alright, I guess it’s still not fixed then. :(

But they are looking in to it don’t worry :)

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It’s that everyone is trying to get into the server then it crashes, which leads to reboots, issues etc…

I still see a lot of people flying on the servers though. How does their IF work?

The staff and dev team have been working tirelessly into the morning (most staff members/developers are located in Europe) and are truly working extra hard at this moment to try to improve this.This is due to the increased spike of users utilizing this app at one time - the servers just weren’t prepared for what occurred! This will be improved/fixed ASAP

But right now, the servers are starting to calm down and have improved significantly from earlier today. Try to start a flight from an unpopulated area and try to stay away from traffic for now. Thanks for your patience and understanding :)

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Ok. Thanks for your development to make this sim better. :)

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Not everyone’s device is crashing
maybe it’s because you had the airplane count on high and everything on high which can effect.

For me I had everything on high and also on top of that the bugs in 20.1 update .

(Coffin dance playing 🎵 )

No, I have my airplane count to low, and everything is the lowest.

To be completely honest I really don’t know what’s the thing causing all this but I’m sure the devs will find a solution as soon as possible . :)

Ok, I hope they will. Maybe it’s just because the size of this update is so huge.

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