App keeps crashing

Hi, i have some questions about the app. My app keeps crashing in flight, mostly with takeoff, landing or in busy areas. Then the screen freezes the sound becomes trippy and i cant do anything expect one soft touch on the off button. It than set the device completely to off instead of going in “stand-by”. I don’t think my phone is the problem, i fly with a Samsung Galaxy S10, with 25 GB left, a phone who is (as i heard) pretty good for gaming. Its very annoying for me that it keeps crashing.

Someone experiences the same and found a solution?

I believe this is a known issue with Samsung phones, more specifically the S10, 10+ and Note 10 I believe. From what I’ve gathered this is mostly on Samsung’s end.

this is a known issue, and i believe it is related to the processor of the phone.

I can confirm this, I have the same phone and exactly the same crash procedure.

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Okay, is there something i can do about it? (Maybe contact Samsung because more people experience this)

It’s an issue we’re looking into.
It started to occur with the Android 10 update for the Samsung S10 + Note 10 devices with the Exynos chipset (all was fine with Android 9).


Thanks, good to know you are working with this issue.

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