App keeps crashing

My game crashed on every long haul flight. I have everything set up so that it fits.That are my settings:

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The steps we have provided, is not a cure. Crashes can still occur unfortunately.

What kind of device do you have?

Maybe Try resetting your wifi router or switch it off for 15 mins and on again.
I had this issue for weeks where I come back to find the application off and device on the home screen, turns out it was a wifi problem

iPad 6.
Thank you for your help

Have you tried a simple restart before doing these flights?

Yes, I do this before I start all my flights

Have you aver ideas what I can do ?

How long are the flights in general? Are you pausing the app? Disconnecting or something similar?

Hey Seb, I have the exact same issue. I have every single setting on the lowest, including graphics, airplane count, etc and I restart my device and app before every flight, and my app crashes on every single long haul flight. Is there anyway I can fix it because its starting to become quite frustrating :)

Device: iPad mini 4
Crashes on: Flights above 9 hours.

That flights are over 10hours

What can I do ?

I have the exact same iPad and I have experienced this. Before a long haul flight. I restart my iPad and then I clear the scenery cache. Once I get up to cruise altitude, I turn all my graphics down to low. I keep low settings until I land

Make sure to put on the low battery mode setting and turn screen brightness all the way down. This has worked for me

I do all these thinks, but it didn’t work

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I see you have ForeFlight and Live Flight connect checked. Are you connected to both of them? If so, try a flight without them and see.

I didn’t connected in the flight