App keeps crashing

I recently just updated Infinite Flight to 17.04.0 two days ago. I had just taken off and changed the camera view to (Normal) and the app had crashed showing me a pixelated image of the plane. So, I restarted the app and took off not changing the camera view at all, but after 3 minutes of flying, the app had crashed again. I went online to see any solutions, and one of them told me to hold down the home and sleep button on the iPad. Still sadly, the app crashed again. Can someone help solve my problem? I have an iPad Air 2 running iOS 10.3.3.

Re-install the app should be the solution :)
BTW, this has happened before to a few others

I did but now I’m using version 16.13.0 of Infinite Flight.

Why did you downgrade?

It might be the IOS 10.3.3 part

I didn’t, it automatically downgraded the app.

I don’t know, Infinite Flight needs iOS 9.3 or later. I have 10.3.3

Ok. Is your device having trouble running the app? Next thing to do would speak to a dev. I think they would help you best

I think so, even after reinstalling the app, the app crashes when it goes to the main menu.

And you haven’t tried refreshing the app again? I suggest…:

1. Check your IOS and device storage

My iPad is running iOS 10.3.3 and I have 5.03 GB left. Is that ok?

Should be fine. I think your device is going anti on you. Try everything I have told you and then click that solution button if any works ;)

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I just contacted a dev.

No need to contact a developer. We have a support category for a reason. :)

What are your graphics settings?

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Make sure to update to iOS 11, as I checked online and noticed your iOS is outdated.

Go to Settings -> General -> Software updates

Once updated, it should work fine. If not, we will try and assist you further

iPad Air 2 supports iOS 11

I had my graphics settings on high when It first crashed. So I changed it to medium then low, but it didn’t work.

Maybe try to reduce your graphics settings if they are on high or very high. And turn limit frame rate in that will save the battery if that still doesn’t work then try to reinstall the app if that doesn’t work then check your storage on your device.

This is happening to me repeatedly now especially over the Pacific near Hawaii.
I will be cruising along all fine then I go to change the Cam and the app crashes it has now happened 4 times all were my last 4 flights.

iPad Pro 12.9 64gb 2017
45gb left in storage
Latest IOS
Latest IF

What I have done:
Restart IPad

Should I delete and reinstall IF?

It sounds like you have done everything so far. It is suggested to try a reinstall and see if it helps. Also be sure to reboot your device prior to long flights.