App keeps crashing when using TBM and loud interior noises

Hi there, I have noticed since the TBM update that when I use it, the aircraft is so laggy and the app crashes before I can even take off. Also, when I’m in the cockpit camera, when I’m taxing to the runway, all of a sudden their are loud noises of the aircraft but they last for a second. Any way I can fix this? Thanks!

What device do you have?

I have an IPad Mini

Okay, you may have to turn down your graphics settings to medium, make sure anti aliasing is not enabled and make sure limit frame rate is enabled. Some other good tips are to restart your device to keep things fresh. Try these recommendations and see if this improves your situation.

As for the loud sound, I believe this is that loud sound that lasts for a few split seconds then disappears. We’ve alerted the developers to assist them with finding that bug.


Alright I try those solutions, thanks for your help!


I don’t have any app crash but for sure now whenever I spawn in any aircraft at any airport there are some weird sounds which persist until I restart the app.

Model: Redmi Note 4
Ram:4 GB
Android Version: 7(Nougat)

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I also hear that weird sound sometimes and it’s with the tbm 930 I use an android
it’s as if the sound stopped
I think the graphics are not the problem, I think you have to see with the simulator

Has @Levet solution resolved your problem?

Ya I tried them. I spawned in again somewhere different with no one else and it worked perfectly. I guess it’s when their is so many aircraft my IPad just can’t handle it.

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