App keeps crashing spontaneously

Device: iPad (9th gen)
Operating system: iPad OS 16 (iOS 16)

IF sometimes crashes and its normal but for the past 3 days after I started flying again after a break,I have noticed a pattern. My App crashes on every 2nd or 3rd Approach, sometimes even takeoffs. It doesn’t matter if the airport is crowded or not the App crashes regardless.

Wouldn’t have started a topic if I hadn’t noticed a pattern, is anyone facing similar issues?


You should try restarting your device or game.

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I have tried that, checked for updates to and cleared all the caches too (even my browser cache lol) but nothing seems to work. Only option left is re-installing the app.

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Here is something you could check. Also, what setting is your airplane count?

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Usually its very high but I lowered it to Medium but it had no effect on the crash though.

Hmm…well there is some good information in the link I’ve provided. Check it out and check anything off your list that you’ve already done. Hope this could help a little bit anyway!

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In the last three days it happened to me, too. Using an iPad 10th Gen., just bought a couple of weeks ago. The first time the app crashed during approach a low crowded airport after a long haul flight of 16 hrs and just now the app crashed after one missed approach and one go around (I just woke up and I forgot to switch navigation mode into NAV1, so ILS couldn’t connect). The 3rd approach finally worked out (after second coffee) and I landed, got off the runway and got order to hold position between two runways before crossing. And right after I stopped to hold, the app crashed. There were 6 other aircrafts on ground and may 8 or so in the air around the airport - so not much to handle the iPad. It’s really annoying, especially during approach after long haul flights. Feels like job half done.

I found some experiences from other players (lowering graphics during long haul flights, clear cache and replays) but I think an iPad 10th Gen. should be able to handle IF, even in higher data usage.

Cheers and see you in the sky!


Welp, nothing seems to work I reduced airplane count to Medium ,reduced textures and 3D objects. Even updated by iPad recently too but all it did was solve my problem for 2-3 flights and again my app crashed on approach to Mumbai today.

I have a iPad 9th gen (2021) which I specifically bought for infinite flight and i think its capable enough to handle very high airplane count and textures since I have been using it on those settings since I got it 4 months ago.

An interesting thing I noticed was that a soft reset solves the problem but after 2-3 Landings it comes back again.

I think we have a bug on our hands here.

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What might help is to put camera during flight into the sky, so the ground textures won’t be loaded. Somebody wrote that in another post. And clear cache before starting a long haul flight.

But iPads from the recent years should be able to handle high airplane count and textures. It might be a bug.

If I remember right so far it happened only in B777 and A350. Right now I’m approaching Mumbai, too. In an A330 - let’s see if I’ll make it to the gate.

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I flew in from Karachi, barely an hour long flight and I do zoom into the cockpit when leaving my device running to avoid it getting hot.
It’s really random sometimes a 6 hour flight goes well but a 40 minute hop will cause a crash.

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it helps also to clear the scenery cache (in-app settings> general> scenery cache) also lowering brightness.


Zooming into cockpit should also do it. I think one problem might be that the device collects lots of scenery texture data - so putting the camera somewhere where it does not need to load scenery should be a good idea.

My landing yesterday in Mumbai worked without any problem. Made it to the gate.

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Close your unused apps. Remove unnecessary folders in your device.📲

Well I tried this too, all it did was delay the crash now my app crashed after touchdown at Toronto lol.

I tested the app more and can conclude that theres a high risk of this crash happening at crowded airports ,but it can happen at a completely empty airport too. I don’t know if its a problem with my device or it’s something else, very frustrating.

Hi! I’ve encountered this issue before. Double check to make sure you have enough storage on your device. I play IF on an iPhone XR, and usually once I start having around 1gb or 1.5gb of storage left, IF will crash. If Infinite Flight takes up a lot of storage on your device, I recommend reinstalling the app. The helps me a lot.

Which aircraft did you fly?

It happened to me also on a low crowed airport, but I think it didn’t happen ever on an empty one.

Is it happening every time you fly?

Same for me.I will restart my iPad after a long haul flight or after few medium haul flight , app crashes barely happened now.
Also I turn the scenery to low, I have no choice
But yep, it helps.

Though I usually fly the 777 it has also happened on the E-175 , it’s really random but yeah most flights do end up with the app crashing.
I deleted and redownloaded the app, also restored my iPad since it barely had anything other than IF, I’ll see if the issue persists.

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Okay, so I finally found a solution I deleted IF and all related files then updated the iPad, I don’t know if the redownload did it or the update but now I can land in peace.

Hopefully this helps anyone else facing this issue.

I’ve been having these same issues and tried basically everything and it still keeps crashing for me too.

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