App keeps crashing, repeatedly

Device: Ipad 6gen
Operating system: IOS 17.2

Alright, i’m getting fustrated…. Since the 24.2 update’s release i baisicly have not flown, even though i normally fly daily and have racked up 10.000+ hours. But Infinite Flight keeps crashing, just during one flight, 11 times!
I am getting beyond fustrated and it’s messing up my schedule and wanting to play. You cannot enjoy the sim like this. I have not had one flight where the app didn’t crash

If lowering your graphics settings and aircraft count and ensuring you have enough available storage doesn’t seem to help. It’s always been good practice to restart your device before flights to keep things fresh and limit the amount of apps you have running in the background too.

Worse case scenario, you could try reinstalling the app. Just make sure you back up replay files you want to keep.

Hello, I checked my app store and check if there are weekly updates like security updates etc…

Whenever I talk to ATC, It just logs me out from the server and it is mostly in the casual server and the expert server.

Kindly please solve this problem or give me some tips on how to solve this problem.

Your issue is a different issue than the one posted in this topic. If you can, go ahead and create your own topic, include as many details as possible including your device, device specs, internet connection (is it strong and stable), etc…


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