App keeps crashing or disconnecting from server

I tired to fly out from London Heathrow EGLL today multiple times, but the Infinite flight app keeps crashing or disconnecting.

The first attempt crashed after getting a clearance for Departure after 20 minutes of waiting.

Heathrow is busy right now. Could it be performance?

Cign :)

Hello there! London Heathrow is very busy at the moment, so please make sure your aircraft count is low. However, some information like:

Your device?
Storage left?
Graphics Settings?

Would help us give more advice and understand the issue.

It might be performance, but my graphics are all set to low, and airplane count also to low. I am also using the BA 747-400 so there is no live cockpit

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Can you please tell us your device and storage left?

Could you answer these :)

Also what do you mean by disconnecting from the live server or the game/sim?

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I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6edge 3gb ram 128 GB space.

Graphics settings are already mentioned above.


It’s disconnecting from live server

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Processor? Even if you have space and RAM, your processor could limit your performance
Was it Snapdragon 810 or Exynos 7420? I cant remember what they used in the S6

Presuming bad, a very old device now, just bear with me.

Do you have any background apps open? :)

IF is a very Wi-Fi intensive game, so try moving closer to your router, and see if that does any good. Otherwise, it could be due to device age, of which the Edge celebrated its 5th birthday roughly 2 months ago.

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I was using third party apps long before 19.4 was out. But stopped since it was draining my battery a lot. I also disable the YouTube app, Gmail, outlook, and social media apps before flying so that I don’t receive any annoying or distracting notifications.

(As of June, he said this in the Hotfix thread)

I see… I believe it’s due to the age of the device if you ask me.

Yeah, sorry to say, but due to the prosessor being nearly 5 years old, you can’t expect it to run IF full power, even if you have the space and RAM. You will probably have to lower settings, as well as clear scenery to get optimal performance I would think

Yes thats what I am thinking, your device is old now and not even in the Device compatibility thread. With regards to disconnecting as @thenewpilot IF is WIFI needy, got any Netflix watchers or anything like that? Maybe try on no airplane count :(

Cign :)

You can see above that I stated i am using lowest graphics settings. I can’t go any lower.

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Does it happen exclusively at busy airports?

Yeah I assume it’s due to Netflix eating the WiFi speed, and my cousin’s are on Fortnite 24/7

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Yes only at really busy airports @IF787