App keeps crashing on multiplayer

Hi IFC! I just renewed my pro subscription, and I was hoping to get some flying time in, but the past 2 times I tried to fly on expert server, my app would crash. Can anyone please help me fix this?

Device: IPad 9th gen
Operating system: 16.2

I would take a look at this: Regarding increased crash rate on iOS

Hopefully the crashing gets fixed soon

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I had /have this issue. But I’ve fixed it with controlling the Plane Count. I typically keep my Plane Count on Medium-Low. And once in the cruise, I turn it Off for the rest of the flight. Sadly you can’t see other aircraft, you just have to pay attention to your map. But the rendering of other planes is really tough on the device.

So try playing with your Plane Count to see what good setting would work for your iPad.

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While the increased crash rate is a problem it could just be your settings, I would recommend cross checking them against this:


Good point, I usually mention that page, but at this point I feel like it isn’t super helpful but yeah, it’s a good idea follow the performance page and lower settings to see if it works just in case.


It’s always good to troubleshoot first, since the solution could just be a quick switcharoo in the app settings.


True, though I’m doubtful considering how powerful the iPad 9th generation is. Better safe than sorry though! I would be annoyed if I had to play on settings that are lower than the device can handle because of that, but I guess that would be better than the game crashing. Fair point though, I agree, there is good advice in that section, such as restarting your device before flights.


Thanks everybody! I turned down my plane count and it seems to be working. Really appreciate all of the help!!


Glad I could help!

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