App keeps crashing on final


Just so you know, we’re not ignoring anything here. Been keeping an eye on the development of this topic and the replies.

We don’t believe this to be an issue with the app directly, since app bugs that causes crashes would be generating a crash log. Unfortunately we’re not seeing any of those (it would have made all of this easier).

However, that doesn’t help any of you who are experiencing these crashes. So, we need you to help us to help you :)

This is how you do it:

The next time you experience a crash:

  • Go into iOS Settings → Privacy → Analytics & Improvements → Analytics Data
  • Find Fds.InfiniteFlight.iOS on this list with the search: it may have a few, but they are all dated. Just choose the most recent one that does not have the word “resource” in it (I put an example screenshot below)
  • Share with us via email to

Make sure to include a some reference information in the email as well, such as Community username, this topic or similar. The information you’ve provided in this topic might be helpful in connecting the pieces once we get the IPS files.