App keeps crashing on airports with high traffic

I have a Poco X3 pro Smartphone which is basically a gaming phone but since the last update the app keeps on airport with High traffic. I have already set the number of visible airplanes down to low and I have also deleted all data from the app because I thought it had something to do with it. But even after that the app crashed at the busy airports. However, this problem has only occurred since the last update. And the problem always occurs 3 or 4 times in a row, i.e. regularly. And I really only have this problem when a large number of players are online. This is very frustrating in the long run, as I have to restart a flight 4 or 5 times. I also can’t automatically take part in any big events because the app always crashes. And I have no idea how to solve the problem.
(BTW my system on the phone is android 12)

Hey there!

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing app crashes, and thank you for providing details about your device. Could you tell us what your IF graphics settings are? Feel free to screenshot them, if you’d like.

My graphics settings are all set to Medium and High. But I can’t imagine that it’s because of the graphics, because I’ve been using IF with these graphics settings as they are now for more than two and a half years without the app crashing.

Hello there!

Any app which is update requires new requirements through the years, it doesn’t matter how long have you been playing Infinite Flight under the same settings I’m afraid.

Let’s do this: go to your Infinite Flight and put your graphics as slow as possible, do some patterns or a quick flight and keep an eye in the performance, if yo realize that it’s running better we all will have an obvious responses, your current devices is no longer able to keep the old settings.

This is a quick way to figure out, if it remains let us know to look for a solution to this as soon as possible!

Hello it’s me again,
Well, I just tried it with the settings and flew a few laps at KEWR where there was so much going on recently and the overall performance is actually better, but the app still crashes. And the app crashes, I took a closer look, always after 40 or 50 minutes. Incidentally, I later did the same thing at a less frequented airport (EDDF) and flew a few laps there and also much longer than 50 minutes without app crashes.

Reports are sent automatically when the app crashes.
There have been several issues that caused the app to crash.
Many have been fixed and those fixes will be made available in the next official release, which will be 24.1.
The process of investigating crash reports and fixing issues is ongoing. 🙂

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