App keeps crashing none stop

App keeps crashing mid flight when after 3-4 hours of flying trying to do IAH-LHR and every time I do the app crashes is there a way around this annoying crash bc i am kinda losing my hype for this update after this long not trying to say that y’alls work is not great but after waiting a month and 2-3 weeks i thought this was being buged tested b4 this update but since this update there has been 1 bug after another please fix this we waited so long for this great update

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turn you setting down and probably restart your device before a flight thats what i do and IF runs perfectly well

You’re not lonely on that, some people are expering the same problem.

I recommend set the graphic settings to low, anti-aliasing on etc. Try restart your cellphone before any flight, clear your cache

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I’ve done everything but it still crashed and before I even take off

Yes I have this same problem too. The overcrowding of the servers is one of the causes. It is very frustrating. I would recommend turning down your airplane count. Hopefully the servers calm down soon.

The Devolpers are aware and are trying to fix this. Support FAQ - Please read this before posting!

What is your settings currently?

I just found out my issue everything was on high bc of the update changed my settings

For the time being, it’s best to put your graphics settings down to low and also your airplane count. Your device is still definitely usable, there’s just some optimisation to be done ☺️

Hang tight, hopefully this will be resolved soon

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Annoyingly i was just flying and my device just crashed
my settings are all on the lowest as well

I feel your pain my flight crashed after 10 hours straight of being fine. As soon as I started my decent well you guessed it… I crashed. Although this happened as I changed my graphics from low to medium. If you’ve really tried everything then all you can do is wait for a hotfix and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the update.

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Yes i guess i have to wait now :( or get a new phone or something

i found a solution for all of you… meanwhile this bug isnt’t fixed prevent looking out ur window ecspecially when most of your routes are very scenic and also lower all your settings make them as low as possible bcz when ur on long haul u wouldn’t be looking at your device the whole time lowering graphics and airplane count to low and none would be okay and also make sure to have 2GB for emergency purposes
Hope this helps =)

Yo @Captain_Tank if you read up literally 3 posts, I already linked something that may be of use to you.

You don’t need to get a new phone, a hotfix will be coming soon. Just a lil optimization work and a crash fix is needed, that’s all. Pays off to read the support pinned topic 😉

Do you guys still lag during a flight in the 772

But still after that update my phone probably still overheat and crash :/