App keeps crashing... during ULH flights

Dear IF staff,

I’m just slightly cross that during Ultra long haul flights recently (KSAN-LEMD, WMKK-SBGL) the app crashed 30 minutes before landing. The only thing is that I’m a bit cross with the fact that I don’t get my landings because… I didn’t land. I couldn’t.

The significance of these flights is that all the destination airports were diversion airports. I originally set the flight as KSAN-EHAM and WMKK-FACT. Respectively. I diverted to LEMD because the weather at EHAM at the time showed 41kt winds, and all other airports in Europe showed similar winds.
I realised I had enough fuel to go further from FACT so I decided to continue flying to SBGL.
30 minutes before these flights were due to land my app crashed both times. It really sucks to know that you did an ULH flight and you didn’t get to do a landing.
I didn’t have too many background apps open, my WiFi is a bit sluggish, and my device is a 2017 iPad Pro 9.7 inch.

Hopefully this issue can be solved, so next time I do a ULH flight, I can actually get my landings.

My IF username is IFC Loogie125, and both of the crashes happened on the training server, with the KLM 78X and MH A359 respectively.

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Hello! Sorry to hear.

We’re aware of this and are working on it, but it’s a slow process due to the testing procedures needed for each change we make in our efforts.

More info on how to minimize the crashes can be found in the linked topic:

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Does lowering the frame rate help to minimise the RAM usage? It would help so then I can put the settings down a bit.

Airplane count, anti aliasing & rendering resolution is the biggest memory hogs. Enabling frame rate helps to, yes.

This will also not help - having a strong WiFi connection helps a lot.

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Strong as in stable, yes.
But a fast one is not required. Online works quite well even down to 1mbps.

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