App Keeps Crashing Consistently

Hello. In the past few minutes, I’ve tried to open Infinite Flight multiple times. Every time, in less than a second, it sends me immediately back to the home screen. Not a loading screen or anything will show up. Earlier (probably 30 minutes ago), the app worked fine.

I’ve tried restarting my device, and it doesn’t make a difference. Please let me know what more I have to do. I really don’t want to delete the app without saving each of my replays.

iPad 6th gen (2018)
Latest iPad OS

Thank you for your help!


My immediate response would be to delete and reinstall, but since you’re worried about replays being removed my next guess is that there could be an issue with your device storage, especially if you’re low on storage. Maybe check if it is low or not.


Right, yeah. I got an “iPad Storage Full” thing a little bit ago. I’ll clear some space and update you guys.

I have the same issue, everytime I do a flight over 1 hour the app crashes!

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I wasn’t in flight, but yeah, if they could fix the crashes, that’d be great 👍

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Hi! My immediate idea would be to delete the app but you did say that you wouldn’t want your replays deleted. You should probably clear up some space because I have had a similar issue before. Let me know if that works. If it doesn’t, you should delete and reinstall.

Just cleared like, 10 GB off of my iPad and restarted the device. Still didn’t work.

I’ll delete the app but only as a last resort if it doesn’t work after days.

Have you ensured there are no other apps running in background? If there are be sure to kill them. Also, I would try clearing the RAM, not sure how to do it on the newer iPads though.


There are no other apps.

I’ll look into how to clear the RAM.

Clearing “Ram” Is soft restarting your device which you said you’ve done, simply holding the power button, sliding it off then turning it on.

After a quick search, it’s actually a bit different. Clearing the RAM is holding the power button until the “slide to power off” switch appears, than holding the home button until the home screen reappears.

I’ll try that in a bit.

By the way, thank you guys for being so willing to help!

Thank y’all for being so helpful even when my iPad isn’t, lol.

I’ll try waiting overnight. If that doesn’t work, I’ll seriously wait patiently until they ship an update.


I’m going to try offloading Infinite Flight and see if that helps. Offloading removes the app but not the files downloaded by it (my replays). Once I re-download it, it should be good to go.

Unfortunately, I may have to resort to deleting it. Is it okay to tag schyllberg to see if he has anything to offer?

@schyllberg, I apologize for the tag, but is there any advice you can give me? Thank you very much!

SoundCloud just did the same thing that IF was doing. Tried all the troubleshooting techniques. Then, I went and updated SoundCloud. It works perfectly again.

So, I’ll just have to wait for an update.

Lol, this sounds like a romantic novel

”I’ll wait for you…” 😂


I would honestly reinstall at this point. Have you tried to export you replays? I mean, you can import them back afterwards.

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