App keeps crashing before it even opens

I was flying today and suddenly, my app crashed. This happens occasionally and although I was a bit annoyed, I didn’t care much about it. After about 5 minutes, I opened my iPad and when I clicked the infinite flight logo, a black screen appears for a second and the app crashes. This keeps happening every time I click the app. I restarted my iPad in an attempt to open infinite flight, but that’s didn’t work either. I really don’t want to delete and reinstall my app because I have a lot of saved replays so is there any other way to sort this issue?

Have you tried a soft reboot/reset of your iPad? Here’s how to do it:

No no it can restart the normal way. All the other apps open except IF.

Maybe ur data limit is full due to replays and ur iPad is not having enough background storage to support the app try clearing the cache data of the app and try it

I can’t clear the cache because the app won’t open

I feel that an app reinstall may be required just based on the fact that you’re not able to open the app at all.

Yes that’s a good idea

U can clear the cache data in the setting of system

Well I guess that is my only option. My iPad just gained 18GB of storage👀👀


Yes. I struggle also with limited amount of free memory on my device. The key is to keep the replay library nice and tidy (read = empty as possible). My device works like magic after clearing up the replay gallery.

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Yeah yeah, redownload IF, next time keep em replays clear, get what you want for a screenshot topic/whatever you wanna do with the replay and then delete it after your done with.


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