App keeps crashing at the end of my flights

Hi everybody,

As you may be able to tell, I am having some issues with the app crashing when I am in the approach phase of my flights. I just had it crash while I was on final into EHAM, and earlier today, after a 12hr from SEA-DXB, it crashed while I was descending. I am not sure why this keeps happening - and this is a relatively new issue for me. Any help would be appreciated!

Can you tell us more about your device and graphics settings?

It is because of the massive amounts of new buildings and aircraft. The best way that I’ve found works is to lower the airplane count and to clear the scenery cache as much as possible during these times. Putting your graphics settings all the way down too I’ve found also helps.

Best of luck!

I have a 6s, graphics on max.

Sounds good! Should I lower the building density too, or is the graphics alone OK?

Yeah that’s not gonna work. 😂

The 6s is a very old device. And especially when flying into extremely busy airports at max graphics it’s gonna crash. It’s a miracle this hasn’t happened before.

I recommend lowering your settings to the very minimum, and increasing them one by one if it doesn’t crash.

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Everything, if you are looking for the best experience.

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Ok, that makes sense! One more question: if I upload my replay of the flight onto my newer iPad, can I have max settings on that to maintain good screenshot quality?

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Of course! The replay will run as fast as it can run on your new iPad :)

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Sweet! Thanks @tunamkol and @DreamJet for the help! I appreciate it!


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