App keeps crashing after long hauls on short final

Every time I do a long-haul flight, the app crashes every time right when I’m on short final. It’s weird that it happens precisely on short final every time, at about 1000-2000ft. I’ve searched the forum for advice, and have tried re-downloading the app as I saw was recommended in another thread. It worked for the very first flight I did, but since then it has been the same story with the all crashing. To note, so far I believe it has been on 6-7hr+ flights. I am on a 2018 iPad 9.7.


Activate “Show performance metrics” in general options. Then do a flight and check FPS dont go less than 10fps. If they do, you need to :

  • Cool your device
  • Uninstall and reinstall
  • Lower your graphic settings
  • Delete your replays
  • Clear cache

That worked for me. Usually the app crashes when the FPS are lower than 5 FPS so be careful with the temperature of your Ipad.

I tried turning it off then turning it back on again and that worked. But today I had the same issue even though I did restart my iPad

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