App keep crashing after 19.4 update

Is it recommend to update to IOS 13.3?

I think everyone should just stick to 7 or 10 hours max for long hauls and let the devs handle the situation in peace without everybody complaining about the samething. The app has crashed on me when i did a 19 hour flight and ive come to realize that anything over 11 hours right now is crashing everybodys apps. So please everyone try this method and give the devs a break

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agreed! rn i’m trying a long haul on my ipad air 2 OTHH-WIII. i hope it will be better than my iphone 6

Guys with IPhone 11 Pro and iOS 13.3 - are you experiencing app crashes on long flights(more than 12 hours)?

@Ramzi_Khairan, if you wish to then do update to 13.3, since I updated I was able to fly a few hours more. Specifics can’t be given as it varies time to time but 10-12hrs should be fine if you have 4GB RAM or more on your device.

@Konstantin, on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I was able to do a 9hr flight without any crash or lag. I wouldn’t risk to go and fly for too long but around 14-16hrs seems like a maximum range before app crash. That is having Rendering Settings on High, Airplane Count on High and Anti Aliasing turned Off.

@CptMooreJr, depends on how much RAM your device has. I’m able to do more than 12hr long flights perfectly fine. I have maxed out at 17-19hrs a few times. So it depends on your device just like it always has, but now more even so. A soft slot would to keep your flights to not exceed 12hrs but I like to push boundaries and see how far I can go and I’ve been able to fly up past 10hrs which where my App used to crash right after the update came out. Of course when trying to fly longer than 10-12hrs on a device with 2GB RAM the flight is laggy to some extent and crash often or early into the flight. And neither does the processing power those decides really help out much to push the app to maximum. Until the developers find a solution to this issue, there will be many who will not be able to fly long hauls but on the other hand there’s a good amount of great short and medium hauls you can fly with heavy aircraft.

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Thanks for reply. Asking cause I’m about to get such device but if it will not allow me to do 15-16 hours flights, I will hold with purchase. Currently, I successfully did 2 flights, 10 and 11 hours on my iPhone 6S, all graphics high, limit frame on, but during VHHH-CYYZ app crashed in 12 hour of flight.

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Honestly, this is almost like asking for a crash even if we did not have this memory leak issues :)
Lower the settings a notch and you’ll have a much better experience in general. And the visual difference is barely noticeable :)


This is getting rather annoying. I’ve only completed 1 A350 flight as the app keeps on crashing on final. It seems to be when I drop the gear down. My graphic settings are on medium but when in cruise I put them in low.


We’re feeling the same, trust me.


Good news, just completed a roughly 8 hour flight with high graphics and anti-aliasing on. iOS 13.3 and iPad 2018.

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I just done a bad ending on a OTHH-WIII flight. I forgot to change the graphic Low. I will try it later tonight again. I hope i can make it. I use ipad air 2

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Thank you Laura…

Thanks for the update

All I can ask is that y’all are working towards a solution, and this is good to hear

already update?

Her update that they are aware of the issue and trying to mitigate/fix it.

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Just flew KEWR to WSSS on my iPhone 7. Landed fine, tho the app crashed at the gate after shutdown and stuff. Replay saved and everything. Low settings worked for me lol.

Just a small update regarding this.
We’ve been working on 3 different crash scenarios here.

First, we have the iOS memory leak crash. This one is still under heavy investigation and unfortunately we are not able to say when this will be resolved at this point. Basically all of our efforts are currently aimed at fixing that one as soon as possible.

Second, the “crashed on final”. This crash is one that’s been reported quite a lot as well. At least we have some good news here and it should be fixed in the hotfix that is currently under review.

The third one is a crash you could encounter while controlling (ATC). Fortunately, it holds the same status as the one above. It should be fixed in the pending hotfix.

We’re terribly sorry about this and it is as frustrating for us as it is for you. We are really hoping that this hotfix should take care of the majority of the cases, but we still have work to do with the memory issue.

Thank you for patience <3


@schyllberg So if I’m reading this right, at this point once the hotfix launches any iOS devices with 3GB RAM or greater should be in the clear, correct? As far as I’m aware the memory leak is only applying to devices with 1 and 2 GB?

The memory leak applies to all iOS devices.
However, the 1-2GB is the ones that are more like to suffer the effects of it.

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I’m curious as I cannot even access the IF app at the moment, I’m running an iPad 2018 on IOS 13.3 and I’ve cleared memory, restarted etc etc and still to no resolution at all. Finding this really quiet frustrating given the fact that I can’t even access the app.