App keep crashing after 19.4 update

I updated to iOS 13.3 and I’m still having the same issue. I can’t do a flight pass 11hrs. Anything below that is fine. Before the update I could go for 17 plus hr and after awhile I’d get the device memory low message but now it just goes straight to the home screen.


Update: App just crashed after about 14 hours.


This was an issue for me even before the update. Apparently some of it has to do with iOS 13 and iOS 13.3 was supposed to help resolve the issue.

After all the updates my app crashed when I started descent after flying for 10 hours and 30 minutes. I was descending into OTHH for FNF and the airspace wasn’t active yet.

I’ll be sticking to the 9-10 hour flight rule (and restarting my ipad mini 4 before each flight). I’ve been able to complete those flights without any issues (and continue to hope so).

any update from developer about this?

So far noting other what has been discussed here has been said. They have not announced that the issues has been fixed yet.

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Quick note about the crashes. We’re aware that some users of devices with 1GB or 2GB of ram on iOS may experience higher rates of crashes.

We’ve spent a lot of time tracking it down at the end of the release cycle and believe that it is due to memory consumption by a library we are using. Unfortunately, this library is used to compile to iOS and is integral to the app. We cannot roll it back to the previous version due to iOS13/Apple restrictions.

We’re trying to find a way to mitigate this but in the meantime, if you are going to fly long haul, make sure you reduce the following settings:

  • Texture Resolution: Low
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Live Aircraft Count: Low to None, None especially on Final.
  • Rendering resolution: Low

Those have to do with memory usage. Lower texture size, lower render resolution, no Anti Aliasing which consumes a lot of memory, etc…

We understand this is not ideal and we are also extremely frustrated by this problem. Rest assured we’re doing the best we can to get this resolved as soon as possible.


Getting a bit fed up of these crashes… that’s two LH flights ruined by crashing in the last few days now.

Nothing had changed, no difference in settings, performed flawlesly prior to the update.

One yesterday KBOS-EIDW in A359, app just closed and died 45 mins from dest.

Other day EGCC-OTHH in A359, app just closed and died on final.

iPad Pro, software up to date. All settings on Medium apart from Res which is on High and yeah… having to change settings is far from ideal when it worked so flawlessly previously.


My game would crash with my iPad Air 2019 (2gb ram), With my iPad Pro 11inch (4gb ram) I be just completed a 12.45 flight no problems. Both devices were updated to the latest iOS and I uninstalled and reinstalled IF. Setting are the same for both graphics set to high, airplane count high, anti-aliasing on. So far I’ve been lucky with my iPad Pro.

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Ever since turning off Anti Aliasing, things have been running more smoothly, less RAM used, equals successful full Long Haul Flights. Whether iOS 13.3 did a different or not, I’m not sure, that the better RAM Management it is said to have, did it play a role in my 17hr flights, maybe, but mainly, still having Rendering settings on high, airplane count on high, but Anti Aliasing Off, and for me personally, 15-17hrs is GG 🛫


If you’re on approach for a long haul and don’t have a lot of ram, best solution is to lower memory usage until we find a fix, so lowering the airplane count and other settings is the best thing we can advise right now.

We’re just as frustrated as everyone else using the app.


So for now i cant do a long haul? Bcs i use Iphone 6

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You can but follow those steps. But the iPhone 6 is also at the end of its life


Think Apple just released an update for iOS. Infinite flight isn’t the only app crashing with iOS 13. I think Apple is aware of the issue

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@Captain_JR, turning off anti-aliasing improved things slightly. I was able to do MAD-DOH and DOH-GVA back to back. However, I’ll limit myself to flights <8h

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Apple Released, iOS 13.3 about 2 days ago, as a part of their continuous update cycle. IO had been BETA Testing 13.3, and during the BETA, one thing I noticed on my iPhone X (The device I use for iOS BETA Tests) was that RAM Management was quite a lot better, with not as many or any apps closing or reloading, when they had been put aside in the background.

Now after 48hrs of Official Release of 13.3, on my 11 Pro Max, I have noticed that things are much smoother, with no background apps needing to reload when. Multi-tasking became a ease for me, someone who constantly moves between multiple tabs.

And as for IF, on my iPad Pro, I noticed that I’m with 13.3, and in combination with turning Anti-Aliasing Off, was able to fly for more than 15hrs. I’m currently doing another 11-12hr flight, and if this one too, goes as planned, then, I can be a bit more sure that 13.3 did indeed fix RAM Management issues to a further extend than what the previous Update 13.2.3 did, but there are still times App Crashes or needs to reload, and this and that, so there are many major flaws left that should hopefully be addressed in future updates.


I’ll try to do MUC-ORD tomorrow with Laura’s recommenced settings. Hopefully all goes well.

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It would be wonderful if 13.3 indeed address the memory issues. Lets hope so because I suspect there are many iOS devices out there with 2GB memory or less.

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It just happened to me I was in final 27R at LFPG, then IF closed. 😭

RAM Management has been a huge issue for Apple in iOS 13. They say they have fixed this and that but there are always those who does experience issues, at large, while some minor problems and lastly the group of people who has flawless working devices. 13.3 was said to further fix issues with RAM Management.

So, for me, I think it has had a slight positive effect. I can now fly up to 15-17 hrs and not have the App Crash at 10hrs. Also turning off Anti Aliasing does help a lot.

I again landed successfully after 11hrs of flying, so something has been done other Anti Aliasing being off that grants my iPad with 4GB RAM to make longer flights without a App Crash. iOS 13.3 more than likely did improve RAM Management, but for those with 2GB or less RAM, App closing down may will persist as any issue.

iPad Air 2 user here. It’s important to note that the Air 2 also has 2GB of RAM.

After updating to 13.3, I flew from Sydney to Doha for the FnF. The only change in my app settings is the Airplane count- set it to low. There has been no lag- at all- especially on final and on runway exit. The flight took about 13 hours. I’m still not confident with my device and its OS so I’ll test with longer routes and update if it ever crashes again

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