App keep crashing after 19.4 update

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App crash on iOS devices after latest update is a known issue, as states above.

Only thing you can do is follow the steps below to reduce probability of app crash and just wait further words from devs.

anyone here try to fly the 777 or other aircraft after 19.4? bcs after 19.4 i only use A350. i have a plan to fly with B788 tonight.please let me know if your app is working normal on other aircraft

I used the 77W on OMDB-WSSS immediately after the update and all went smoothly though it was just a 7h flight, so this might not be an accurate representation of the nature of the issue.

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i need your answer. so the known issues only happen on A350?

No. It’s not only on the A350

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2nd Long Haul Flight - IT’S A SUCCESS, Somewhat…:

Device Specifications/Information/Details:

  • Device: iPad Pro 12.9-Inch, 2018 (3rd Gen)
  • Operating System: iOS 13.3 (No Beta Version Installed, Only Final Version)
  • Storage Space: 192GB Space Left, 64GB out of 256 is Used)
  • Applications: No Background Apps Are Running, Only Infinite Flight
  • Charging?: Yes, iPad is charging, with the 18W charger that came with the iPad

Infinite Flight Settings and Information:

  • Flight Time Flown Before Crash: Crash After 20hrs of Flying
  • Airplane Count: Medium
  • Rendering Quality: High
  • Rendering Resolution: High
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Limit Frame Rate Checked
  • Device Restart Prior to Launching App?: Yes

Additional Notes: So far, so good. 1hr 30mins working, flying. This flight uses the same settings as the First Long Haul Flight except that Anti Aliasing is no OFF. When I got to Final I did get a bit scared but eventually everything went on as it should and I landed on KIAD RWY 1L after a successful 14hr flight. with mo irregularities. Although moderate amount of lag upon vacating the runway. Frames dropped for 1 full second down to approximately 10fps. Upon turning around to fly back, the App seems to have crashed at around 20hrs of use.**

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I played around with the A350 last night and came to the conclusion that my app will crash if I have a flight plan. I hand flew it from LAX to SFO with no problems. I also flew around the Florida coast in the TBM for about a hour with no problem. I then tried to make a flight plan from TPA to DXB and same thing happened again right after rotation it crashed.

That sounds like a different type of crash. What is your callsign and display name?

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Hmmm… This appears to have happened on my tablet which I perform GA flying on. First time it has crashed. I’ll go through a few procedures and look at it. 🤔

I just landed at LFBO after a 10 hour flight from KBFI in the A350 and nothing happened, towards the end of my flight i started going in the settings to clear the cache to make sure the app wouldnt crash and it actually works. I successfully had a beautiful long hual flight in the A350. I say this to say to make sure your settings are compatiable with your device before you do a long hual. I hope this works and happy flying everyone

Keep crashing while controlling, 4 times today.

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I’ve trued to clear cache every 30 minutes, the i take a sleep when i woke up at around 4am to check it the app is crashed already

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What device are you using. I am using a Ipad Mini 5th generation

I use Iphone 6

Looks like iOS 13.3 made it better 🤞. I’m attempting SQ21 and I’ve made it through 9 hours with no issues.

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iOS 13.3 might have for some helped with RAM Management while others such as @Kiz who reported to have had App Crash after 10hrs flying after iOS 13.3.

I myself updated to 13.3 and turned off Anti-Aliasing. So the question is did 13.3 increase my chances to fly the full flight or did the Anti-Aliasing turned off make the difference? Maybe both, maybe none, and I just got sheer luck.

In the end iOS is one troublesome OS Update, hoping Apple will fix the issues till iOS 14 is out and that they’ll focus more on performance and bug fixes next year.

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I agree my ipad has the same thing IOS 13.3

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I never use anti-aliasing because it makes the game lag and the device slow

My app last 2-5 minutes before crashing

I’ve had Anti Aliasing turned on since Global. Not sure if it existed prior to Global. I never checked my settings before Global came out so I don’t really know what settings I played on back in 2014… 🤷‍♂️