App keep crashing after 19.4 update

When they say have 2 GB RAM free, I would try to keep a little more than that.

As far as storage goes, memory wise, you should definitely have an ample amount open. I currently have 11 GBs open on a 32 GB IPad Pro

No he means that your device should have a RAM memory superior than 2GB so and the app crash is very severe in devices that have less than 2GB or 2GB


Let me correct the wording, thank you for the head up!

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Devices with over 2GB can also crash its just more common with devices 2GB or under unfortunately

Yes but the fix will be great for devices > 2GB ram like it will likely not crash at all the solution is buying a samsung Tab🙂🤷🏽‍♂️…

Meh, my ipad with 2gb flew on medium settings for 46 hours straight, cant since the update, if i can do anything 20 hours and under ill be fine.

Hey there last night I did a long haul with my camera pointed at the instruments and when I went to look outside the app crashed right before decent.
Note scenery hadn’t downloaded.

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Did you have your graphics set to low?

I would suggest doing that in addition to having the camera pointed at a fixed point to minimize the risk of a crash as much as possible. Obviously I am no developer but I just thought I would mention it.

Now if you had your graphics set to low, then I don’t know…

If I remember correctly, pointing at the instruments still downloads scenery, it just doesn’t show it. I would recommend using a sky-facing camera or tower view next time.


Well it didn’t for me

@ILOVE7879-2.0, any cockpit view that isn’t pointing up will download scenery, so in your case, scenery was downloaded, likely playing a part in your crash.

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Weird it didn’t for me

In your situation where the camera was facing the instruments, scenery will be downloaded. You just won’t be able to see it during the time your camera is facing the instruments, obviously, but it will still be continuously downloading as you fly along.

There is no option where it doesn’t download given your camera view you chose. It’s just not possible.

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How’s the testing going so far? Are we still on track for a solution with 20.1?

Yesterday did a 12 hours flight in the A350 with the camera zooming into the cockpit instruments with all settings on high and didn’t crash! So maybe if you don’t face it to the scenery it won’t crash !

How much RAM do you have?

So what update should we expect the go around be added given that there aren’t any glitches😃

As earlier stated clearly in this thread.

My question was: are they still on track for 20.1.

I don’t know I was wondering that too