App keep crashing after 19.4 update

Same , I really hope they found a solution. And also welcome to the community!

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I can’t answer for every single specific device model. The S10 has nothing to do with this to start with.
But the 7th gen should be fine.


So is it going to Tampered and push back the future update…

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That’s not what Phillipe said. He said:

Unless we find any major side effect, this should make it into our upcoming release.

It means that the fix is dependent on the update; not the other way round. They can still push the update without the fix if they find something that is wrong with it and push the fix at a later date. Thus it shouldn’t delay the update, no. But I do think a lot of the iOS users would be more than happy to wait for a little while longer should the developers require more time to test the fix (if they want to ship it with 20.1), considering how much it is affecting the iOS users ;)

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I just ask because what if they want to push it with 20.1

I’m not sure what you are asking. That is what Maxim said the goal is from Philippe’s quote.

The fix is being tested and if schedules align then it may be bundled together.


Wow! So glad this bug will be fixed it’s been so annoying the past couple of weeks, tried to do several ultra long haul flights (WSSS-KNEW or YSSY-EGLL9) and they crashed about three quarters of the way through, on one flight from DMMB-KLAX the app literally crashed on final & it was SO ANNOYING!! So thank goodness they’re fixing it!

Appreciate the update on getting a resolution. Never had any doubts that IF LLC was doing everything they could to resolve this issue. If it was frustrating for us, no doubt it was for the staff.

“Now you know and knowing is half the battle”. Thank you for all the hard work to resolve this.

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Thanks for fixing the bug :) I mean I wasn’t affected by it but I’m sure some people will be happy to hear this good news !

old devices? i have a brand new ipad air and it has crashed several times, but thanks for the update, hopefully it comes very soon!

The issue is more prominent with older devices. There is a reduced chance of a crash on newer devices.

True about the bug but for me, it’s every five minutes when I’m on online servers

I cant get past 5 hours flight time :( but im glad to hear this so i can finally do long hauls on the upcoming 772!

This is great news ! I needed to stop playing a few months back for this exact reason. Looking forward to be back for some long hauls in the 777 !

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As soon as the patch is released im going to be flying Newark-Changi, JFK-Manila and LAX-DXB

Yeah it’s definitely not just for older devices I have a new device and it happens to me a lot

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Not all newer devices have the proper Ram, some devices that are “newer” still only have 2GB of ram so

Yes I checked my devices ram it should no longer have this problem after the update

Same for me I have more than 2GB ram

But I have a question why not to Rework low power mode and make that when it’s activated the SCENERY doesn’t load until you touch your device or be active for 5-10s . Would be good for long haul.