App keep crashing after 19.4 update

Hello all. This is my first post here, and I’ve been using Infinite flight since it came out. I’ve seen it grow from a regional spaced flight area, to a global one. I’ve seen the improvements, and seen its downfall into its current state. I’ve been a trusty and loyal payee of your yearly subscription based model since its inception, and have even taken breaks at times to pursue other endeavors.

The reason for me joining the forum after years of browsing it - and playing infinite flight - is the App crashing, and after following this thread for the past few months, I finally wanting to chime in with my two cents.

I initially wanted to wait to be the 500th post, but considering MatthewSwift took that slot, here I am for the 501st post. haha

So why am I here? I’m here to vent my frustration at using this App since the December update, and not being able to do long haul flights. I’ve also fallen victim to having my App crash, and not being able to fly the A350 (which was designed and built for long haul), has been a frustrating experience; and I’m usually a patient little bugger. I work in IT, and know full well the complexity of coding and working in the IT field. Troubleshooting or something breaking from a third party plugin is just a part of life in this field. I get it.

However, this has been an ongoing issue for over half a year (Dec. 9, 2019) at this point . And we just “finally” think we know what the culprit is? This is unacceptable - especially to paying customers. Why? Let me explain.

I understand Infinite flight has a limited number of programmers available. I understand resources are needed at times for either creating new content, or improving existing things. But when it comes to fixing something so critical - as in the basic functionality of this application - it should’ve been either all hands on board - or a rollback to a previous version that worked. It should’ve been all hands on deck to identify the problem, fix it ASAP, and if it was a third party vendor (such as in this case), immediately contacting the party and working with them more closely than conjoined twins, to find a fix for the problem.

Now, I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. It may be possible the programers and their third party contacts are working very closely to find a fix or workaround to this problem, and it’s appreciated. But this should’ve happened long ago.

Also, this whole temporary solution provided by Chris_S or @schyllberg of flying from a tower or ATC view for flights over 10 hours is unacceptable. This whole workaround of having my graphics set to low, with no planes, and everything turned off, while not even looking out the cockpit or chase plane view is absurd. Who in their right mind would want to pay to play a crippled game? That would be like me buying a Playstation, and being told I can’t play Call of Duty unless I only play team Deathmatch, have everything set to low, and only use one gun. NO ONE would want to play that game, buy a PS4, or even pay the monthly/yearly subscription based fee for that matter.

But it’s happened, now what can we do? Well, for starters, I think a gesture of good faith to us loyal fliers and supporters of this program should be provided via an extension of 3-6 months to our current subscriptions. And if you’re not a yearly subscriber, 1-3 months of free play should awarded. If an extension is not something you would be open to, another creative gesture or way of making it up to us should be considered. Remember, we’re not playing this game for free due to the generosity of Infinite flight, we’re paying customers and should be given a special incentive to make this right, and for being patient fliers & payees.

As much as I’ve been looking forward to the clouds update or 777 rework, the app crashing bug should’ve been priority #1. In fact, it should’ve been the ONLY thing focused on, and once fixed - moving onto other things could’ve been considered. Yes other people complain clouds is overdue, or lighting from your nose gear to navigate the taxiways at night should’ve come long ago. Or other pie in the sky requests should’ve been considered. But the basic functionality of this App should been the only priority you focused on.

Please @Laura, consider what I’ve stated in my first post. I’m not one of those tools threatening to cancel my subscription, or cursing up a storm on here. I’m simply asking that we’re provided frequent updates (daily if not bi-weekly) on the status of this fix, and heck - maybe even asking some of us on here to find a fix for this App. You’d be surprised how many of us on here not only have a passion in flying - but are also talented coders. Maybe we could help you find a permanent fix to this, so we can go back to enjoying this game the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Please, consider what I’ve said above.

Lastly, thank you for reading this and making a great game. Contrary to what you might think, I really do believe you’ve developed a great game here. I enjoy it very much, but this continuous App crashing is a frustrating issue to encounter after you’ve spent 12 hours flying, and the game freezes and kicks you out to your home screen while on short final to your destination. Thank you so much.


Check this video out, somewhere laura explanations why it takes longer to crush bugs on mobile then on say a PC sim. It had something to do with a third party library they used. And more i believe, it should be explained in the video for the most part…
also yes you’re frustrated many are, but they’re small compromises. You’re not going to sit there for 12 hours watching your flight. You’re going to do something, go out watch netflix literally anything. Just sit tight, and the teams gives us updates when they have updates to give:)


👋🏼 @Bruce_P Welcome to the community! , it’s always nice to have more pilots on the forums. To add a little to what @Alphadog4646 said, infinite flight is a small team compared to other developers. But rest assured they are working hard on this issue.

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Thanks for keeping a level head in all this. I agree that we should stop and try to fixtus issue asap, but it’s really in tge coaders hands as they try to find a work around bc the third party provider won’t change for only one of its customers.

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Thanks for writing such a well thought-out and considerate post, that’s pretty rare on here. I couldn’t agree more with your overall sentiment. Everything should’ve been put on hold in order to address this issue the moment 19.4 dropped. Forget clouds and the 777, this is a precondition to enjoying either of them. As you point out, the lack of information has also been frustrating. Since they became “certain“ about the root cause of the issue there have been no updates on this thread. That was nearly a month ago as of writing this post. Fingers crossed for a solution in 20.1.


Wonderful post! I think you really drove home the point that we pay for this and therefore should be treated better because of it. I think that your logic here not only applies to this situation but to other issues and conflicts within our community.


The reason this taking longer than expected to fix is that it has to be tested before being released to everyone. They have to make sure that the fix is working as it is supposed to be and isn’t messing any other coding in place which can develop more bugs and problems. It also is time consuming as there’s only so many testers that can take the time to test something that requires them to fly for long periods of time. I understand your frustration in being a paying and loyal customer to the company itself. They are trying to ship a fix that simply won’t ruin any other in game features or your experience as coding something can mess up another something in the app itself as your probably are aware of which can lead up to more issues. You did make some very valid points though. We are all going through the issue together and rest assured the team is aware and understand the significance to the issue presented and are working hard as they are aware of the impact this is caused to us all. It is very hard to wait I understand as long haul flying is something everyone wants to experience within the sim.


Yea, coding teaches you every swear word, you fix one thing, and then something else breaks. Yes there’s fair points to both arguments, should they have focused more on the fix? in my opinion no. Why? Because, the review times with apple and android are a lot longer, so why not make a massive update that includes said fixes, and much more for everyone to enjoy. If we look at a big company right, say rockstar and gta, there’s a glitch, it’s usually patched in a few weeks, because they’re a multi billion dollar company. Infinite flight, has a fraction of the staff, and not all of them code, not all of them do textures, they’re a small team that works wonders, the issues have something to do with a third party library and it doing something it’s not supposed to, i am not sure, i haven’t kept up with it recently. They’re pushing a big update, that will have wonderful things, in the meantime, why don’t you guys do short haul flights. And explore the world from 20,000 feet or take GA aircraft around for hours, it’s honestly more fun and rewording then a 15 hour flight. There’s work arounds for long hauls, not idea but make sense. You’re not going to sit there for 15 hours and watch your aircraft. All it is in changing the camera angle. Or changing the whole camera in general.
I used to only do long hauls, my “shortest” flights where like minimum of 6-7 hours, for VA’s when i wasn’t do anything, i started to use GA aircraft and go to airports i haven’t seen. It’s genuinely a better experience, maybe try that instead of long hauls. It’s relaxing and beautiful. But we all have to remain patient, and that’s easier said then done, but with what’s happening in the world, maybe text people you drifted from, play new games, do something with your family, don’t spend every day of this crisis flying, do school work, watch documentaries, heck, watch coding tutorials, those are interesting, do i wish this crashing issue was dealt with faster? Yes obviously, but it’s life, it’s not always fair, no matter what you’ve done, weather you pay for something or not, things break, and they can take time to get fixed and during that time, either you can mope around and complain, or you can be patient and try to understand the difficulty it is fixing issues for a mobile flight sim. And you can explore new parts of the world, you have the whole globe at your hands literally. Explore it, don’t do ultra long hauls every day, or every other day. Anyways, i am always up for PM’s to discuss things i say, so shoot me a pm regarding anything i’ve said, have a great day/night, stay healthy, stay safe, and remain patient ☺️



First of all, we do share you frustration. Think nothing else :)

Most of the things you bring up have been answered a couple of times in this topic before, and updates are being provided on a regular basis depending on what and how things are changing.

The problem here is that a 3rd party library is the source of the leak, a 3rd party library that is extremely integrated into the app. Given your background, you should know that it means that there’s not much we can do. Removing it or changing it would probably take a longer time than it would pushing on them to fix it. Which we have. I don’t think anyone would argue with the fact that it’s taken way too much time. Even though we were pretty sure at the root cause of this really early, pinpointing it to the precise task that caused it took way too much time and was extremely complex.

Most of us, if not all understand that the optics may not be favorable in terms new features being added while this issue is still around. But we all have a different set of skills, with some of us being of absolutely no use when it comes to troubleshooting a memory leak and could therefor work on new features instead.

This issue sucks. I personally hate this thread as it’s constant reminder of this issue and i feel extremely bad for those of you affected by this. We’re in a tricky spot when it comes to this one. We’re depending on another source to fix it…

On a positive note, they recognized the leak from their end just a day or two ago. Can we get this in before 20.1? Not sure as they haven’t provided us with a fix yet. But at least we’re seeing some positives now!


Great way to put it. Hopefully this issue gets solved soon!

I am sure the Infinite Flight team are working very hard on it for a solution.

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Sometimes i’ve experienced some crashes in Replay Mode with planes counter at very high. The scenery was already loaded and I was on ground so it shouldn’t crash.? It’s not a scenery issue at all. (I was watching planes taking off.

I didn’t close and reopen IF the last time crash but it’d scenery was already downloaded, is it a plane rendering issue? Another issue ?

PS: i’ve experienced also some app crashes during ATC sessions. I wonder if it was because of a memory issue

Is it a coincidence that the 3rd party developed this issue right when 19.4 came out? I.e the timing seems strange if the root cause is on their end because the issue coincided directly with an IF update. It’s possible the 3rd party changed something at the same time 19.4 came out but that would be coincidental timing

In other words, the fact that this correspondended directly with 19.4 makes it look like there is a problem on IF’s end. If we stuck with 19.3 would we still be in this situation?

If yes —> the timing is a coincidence
If no —> the issue isn’t only on the 3rd party

I believe the reason for that is that is an updated version (released in 19.4) of the library to work better with iOS 13, but correct me if I am wrong.

Of course, the IF devs would not have known the new version had a memory leak. It obviously wouldnt be in the release notes 😂

Can you explain what you mean by this? I’m not familiar with this updated library.

this library helps load the scenery in. It was (I believe, I am not 100% sure) updated with 19.4 for better iOS 13 compatibility.

That sounds like an issue on IF’s end, not the 3rd party. I wonder how the original library would be holding up right now.


It’s not. The library has an issue, and when IF updated it, they obviously didn’t know because the library devs weren’t aware

I agree with you that we are using and paying for a broken product, and that a scenario like this would be unacceptable for a AAA console game, but we are speaking about a small team of developers working on a mobile simulator. We need to trust the process and appreciate the transparency regarding the current issue. If it is fully out of the developers’ control, there is not much we as customers can do in terms of complaining, bringing attention to it etc. I do, however, think this whole situation should’ve been somewhat addressed earlier; we are now 6 months from the release of 19.4.

I am also a frequent subscriber to Infinite Flight and share similar concerns as you. Six months with no resolution is an absurdly long time, and I’m not sure how we will be able to fly the upcoming 777 on long-haul routes if there is an issue directly affecting these longer flights.

That said, I do believe the Infinite Flight developers have the best intentions and that this is an extremely unfavourable situation for them, as well as us as customers. It’s probably best to wait until the upcoming release to make any judgements.

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It’s not a coincidence - each Infinite Flight update we push includes updates to third-party libraries and SDKs we use in Infinite Flight, it’s just not something notable to mention in our release notes.

In the case of 19.4, one of the main frameworks we use to cross-compile to iOS and Android was updated, which featured a tiny change to how networking calls were handled which was enough to leak memory in a specific scenario, which happened to be the way we implement it throughout the app.
We test Infinite Flight thoroughly before releasing and update, but this crash isn’t easy to reproduce consistently and it wasn’t an issue we knew about until reported by the community, and we weren’t aware of this bug existing in the framework (nor were those developers until we reported it)

Each of the devs on the team has spent weeks looking at this and liaising with third-parties we use to try and get to the bottom of it. If this would have been solely in our hands, we would have issued a hot fix earlier on after release.


I just wanted to add on to what Seb said, firstly starting by apologising again for the inconvenience this issue has caused. It’s not ideal and it’s never something we want our users to experience.

This has been the case since we were made aware of the issue, with each of the four devs working on Infinite Flight dedicating a large amount of time to this. It’s not an easy one to catch as the reproduction steps involve a flight of long duration, and since the crash is caused by iOS killing the app, we didn’t get any crash reports.

We narrowed down an area in the app where it was happening (scenery loading), but had to investigate further down the line to our frameworks that we depend upon. We created various test scenarios to try and understand the source, and we’ve been in touch with several providers and had worked with them to try and establish if the issue lay with them. After finding the source, we’ve waited a month for a (potential) fix from them, and it’s being implemented on our end this week to see if this resolves the issue.

As the issue wasn’t clear from day one, a lot of fixes were tested and scrapped, and major parts of how we load scenery were refactored (not something we could push as a hotfix as this has many implications which had to be tested extensively).

With respect to updates: Seb, myself and the rest of the dev team have been posting notable updates as soon as we had them on this thread. Sometimes things didn’t work and long debugging sessions gave no results to warrant an update with no new information. I’ll take on board your feedback though to how we handle that in the future.

More soon, hopefully. Thanks everyone again for your patience