App keep crashing after 19.4 update

iPad Air, graphics and aircraft quality were set to low.

I did restart my device before every single flight as well.

He said no, he doesn’t use any other apps.

I have had no crashes at all since March 2019 (on my IPad Pro) - and I have 2 third-party apps open at the same time…and I keep it on max settings - I completed a 16 hour flight the other day - so I guess I’m just being lucky…but I honestly don’t see a problem.

Well you have a top of the line device with lots of RAM, so your crash rates are drastically lowered.

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Weirdly I have an iPad Pro and I’ve had two long haul flights crash on me today.

Also had an app crash earlier when I went to click on someone to copy their fpl, whilst in the 350.

I have an IPad 5 generation and it crashed on arrival into Auckland from Doha today. Happens a lot when I fly long haul.

Installed iPadOS 13.4.5 developer beta. Did a soft reset and cleared IF cache. Then flew VTBS-EHAM 11:31, all Settings on high and anti aliasing on. No problems and no app crash. Device is an iPad Air 2 and my aircraft was a 777-200ER. Will test it more now.


11.5 hours won’t have issues. I start having issues once I get past 13.5 hours.

Just finished an 11 hour flight in the A350. All settings on medium, anti aliasing off, limit frame rate on. iPad 6th Gen, IOS 13.4

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Read many posts here from people, their app crashes after 5 or 6 hours.

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it’s probably a good time to make stopovers. Will resume ultra long haul after this issue is fixed.

Just wanted to give another update on where we are with this issue.

We’re still hard at work trying to narrow this down, but we are making progress. As we mentioned in the past, it seems related to a third-party library Infinite Flight relies upon, and we’re trying to find what changed to cause these crashes, and how we can get this fixed soon so long-haul flights can resume without issues.

Hopefully more to share soon, but in the meantime, thanks again to everyone for bearing with us on this :)


What was your airplane count?

for departure it was medium then once I was airborne it was none

A workaround that could work in the meantime is to keep the camera pointing up while you’re flying so the terrain doesn’t refresh.
Cameras for that can be the tail cam pointing at the sky or freecam left where it is when activated since it won’t move)

Terrain code refreshes tiles when they are in view, is there are no new tiles to view, the code that causes the leak doesn’t run.

So you can take off, then in cruise, change to one of the cams above, and only switch back to the other cams when needed.

Some users have tested this and reported to us that they had some success.

As @Cameron said, we’re hopefully going to be able to share more soon.


It does work Laura. I’ve mainly done it to keep my iOS phone from overheating and when I wake up it’s stone cold still!


I’ve always naturally pointed the no virtual cockpit camera up to the sky and set it to night time. I have seen it works sometimes.


Ok thank you so much

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App crashed 14 hours 29 minutes into flight just this morning :(

Settings ALL low, limiter ON, Plane count Low, will try sky-facing camera “fix” on second attempt at flight.

Are Iphone 11 Pro Max A13 gpu not yet supported?
Bummer how such a high-end device still managed to yield an App Crash on a ULH flight :/
Going off of this list:

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