App keep crashing after 19.4 update

I have the impression that this problem occurs only in Android users correct me if I am wrong.

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It’s an iOS issue. So yes, it’s the opposite of what you just said :)


ok it’s that i have trouble understanding the subject it’s nice

Hmmm… this makes me wonder, if one were to run into an instance like you describe where it was taking minutes to load in the scenery, and you realized that that was what was happening, couldn’t you just force close the app and spawn back in hopefully with it loading normally that time? Given that the chances are 1 of 8 times, it’s likely that when you try again it won’t happen. Correct me if I’m missing something.

Longer initial loading times are imo a worthy trade for no crashes. I’m sure we all would rather waiting a little longer to start the flight than having it crash.


Hi I know the devs are hard at work coming up with a fix with the crashes. But I just did a KEWR-WSSS flight on my iPad and the app crashed 15nm before arrival, with 17h 10 min of flight time…😢Really hope this will get fixed in the next update totally!😅

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A mod said a while ago if I am over the ocean for a lot of the time it shouldn’t be a problem? Is that correct?

Wherever you are you’re vulnerable to experience an app crash if you’ve been flying over the ocean for a long period of time. I just had this occur to me two days ago.


It may help but what I was told was switching the camera view to tower or ATC was best.

The fix is being tested and if all goes well will be part of the release.

Oh ok cause I thought I saw a mod say it is really only affected with when flying over land. And my flight will 80 % be over the Pacific Ocean. Well anyways I’m going to take the risk.

To many comments to try and search for that particular comment

Switching to tower/ATC/or virtual cockpit Facebook ng straight up is best as they do not download scenery. Yes ocean helps but the above is what I was told by the devs.

People have reported positive experience with the camera method.

right now im doing omdb to kden in the A350 and before flight i closed all apps and did a reboot. When i hit cruise i put all settings to low including airplane count. And im cruising while zooming in the ceiling of the cockpit. My phone is not hot or laggy for now. So this might help some people.

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@TylerShah we understand. You have made many topics regarding this.

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So do I change it back to the cockpit view when I descend, or when should I return back to normal view?

Any time you return to check on your flight, step climb etc - change view to whatever you would like. Enjoy the scenery once it updates; then turn it back into tower view when you are letting the flight run without monitoring it. Changing the view to tower just helps in not downloading scenery everytime you move from one region into another - so your flight keeps running “light”.

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Are we still on track regarding this for 20.1? Any updates on how the fix is progressing would be appreciated. Also, what’s the current status of the load time side effect?

Yes we are.
The increased load times have not been that noticeable so far for the testers, so it should not be that big of a deal we hope. Only been intermittent reports of it.


Thanks, glad to hear!

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Just completed a 21hr flight! All low and airplane count to none, camera to tail view facing up into the sky! Went to normal view 2 times to check out the scenery, overall no big lags or stuff! Looks like it’s getting better although I used to fly on high settings but still this is a big achievement of mine after 19.4, 21hrs!😉🤩

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