App keep crashing after 19.4 update

Quick update:

Thank you all for the extreme patience with this issue. Just wanted to let you know that we found a promising workaround for this issue and are currently testing it. Unless we find any major side effect, this should make it into our upcoming release.

The reason it took this long to solve is multifaceted: this issue is only affecting very long sessions (6h+) on older iOS devices (<=2GB RAM) which only represent a small percentage of our (very dedicated) users. To make it even more complex, it was dependent on your route (if it was mostly over water there was less chances to crash) and how your camera was oriented during your cruise (if looking at terrain you had more chances of crashes). Also also those crashes didn’t generate any log which made it harder to track at first.
All those different parameters sent us on many wild goose chases before we managed to narrow down the issue to a memory leak inside a 3rd party library. It took a while for the third party to find and fix the problem but then we had to wait for their fix to be officially released.
Since we can’t wait indefinitely, we ended up working on a different workaround which took some time but at least now we have a viable solution.

This surely could have been managed a bit better; it just was an extremely frustrating issue to work on, especially when we have many other tasks to accomplish for our upcoming releases. At the very least we gained a ton of experience in how to deal with this type of bug in the future.