App keep crashing after 19.4 update

There seems to be some misinformation in regards to the camera usage.

The specific memory issue is around a third-party component relating to the delivery of scenery to your device. The developers have engaged with the third-party and are working on a resolution.

The workaround, in theory, works by setting your camera to a view that does not download scenery. Of course this is to be done once you are at a stable cruising altitude and not actively engaged with ATC.

If you are on a device that has a history of long haul crashed, use one of the following views:

  • ATC - Camera is fixed and does not download scenery
  • Tower - Camera is fixed and does not download scenery
  • Captain (or any Virtual Cockpit) - Note that you need to point the camera straight up. Pointing the camera to the back or bottom of the cockpit still downloads scenery but it is blocked by the physical model.
  • There may be other views but these are the best ones to use and confirmed with the developers.

In addition, it is advised that you follow the existing guidelines in terms of saving resources on your device. Limit background apps, reboot before a long haul, reduce graphics quality, etc.

Hope this helps!