App keep crashing after 19.4 update

Yes. We understand this is frustrating.
It is boring and frustrating when the error occurs due to the failure of other people.
But we have to commend you for your efforts …

I’ve had lots of crashes as well. Way more than prior.

for the temporary workaround you just need to not have the camera facing the ground correct?

According to Jason, the main idea is to deflect the camera away from scenery, so yes but this isn’t the full solution(which is being worked on).

sorry I want to add: Apart from streaming scenery or the like, I just left the game when I chose NAV 1 on the KLGB runway 30, just left the game without freeze. Is it similar or different case i don’t know, because i have never experienced this crash while chosing NAV 1

Using the ATC camera is an option as it does not download scenery.


what if I am in the cockpit facing a wall away from the scenery?

The cockpit camera still downloads the scenery. It is just being blocked by the 3d model. Using the ATC camera does not download scenery.


ok and one more question is that the only camera view that does not downloads scenery?

To my knowledge, yes. That is why I have been suggesting it.


I’m not sure I understand how using the atc camera during a long haul flight works? Do we just take off and leave it on atc camera from the during of the flight?

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  1. Takeoff

  2. Manage your climb

  3. Once at cruise and your going to be away from the device or not needing to touch it go into an ATC view and point the camera up

  4. Switch back camera when your ready to descend

Hope this helps! It’ll help not load the scenery below during your flight which will reduce stress and help your chances of your device not crashing during the flight.


If you’re a controller with high graphics could you experience a crash?

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Really depends… app crashes happen fairly often to controllers too… not sure if they are related to these crashes though…

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Wouldn’t it also depend on the airport where the ATC cam is? I would imagine using an airport such as Heathrow or LAX would still have a big hit on performance due to many aircraft being rendered. Either way, nice idea. I’ll surely try it.

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I believe the aircraft are rendered in radius to your aircrafts current position so if your 200 NM for example from EGLL in tower view no one would load in correct me if I’m wrong anyone. Plus you should be managing your climb so when you switch into ATC view when your at cruise you shouldn’t be at the ATC view airport you departed from as it’s very likely it’s not the closest airport to your aircraft.

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Sorry I don’t get the last part of your msg.

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No your plane has to be physically in the area for the other airplanes to load. So if ur 4000NM away from EGLL or KLAX you won’t see anyone else

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Yes, you could experience a crash, but the cause of the crash will be unrelated to the issue being discussed on this thread. The cause of long-haul crashed (which is being discussed in this thread) is due to a memory leak when downloading new scenery over a long period of time. Since a controller’s camera position is set (more or less), if you do experience a crash as a controller, it will be because of another problem and not this one.

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The Tower cam is fixed and only points to your aircraft.