App keep crashing after 19.4 update

I did a long haul today on my ageing IPad Air 2, with medium range settingS. Adopting the approach of pointIng the camera to the sky has seemed to have worked! 11 hours in the A350 and no crashes. Thanks for the workaround Laura!


I use the iPad mini 4 (not greatest device for IF) and really don’t experience crashes anymore. Recently I’ve crashed on final again but it might have had to do with all the traffic in and around the airport (so I set my airplane count to low when I approach such a crowded destination, which is now more common than before because of the pandemic).

Before every flight, I restart my device, have my graphics settings set to medium, airplane count set to high (I set it to low before landing at a very crowded airport, which are many these days), and have limit frame rate on. I also usually have my camera in the cockpit (less refreshing of the terrain around you).

Strong emphasis on restarting your device before every flight though. This crashing issue exists but it has stopped affecting me, I’m able to do any flight I please. DM me if you have questions on this 💯

Are you running IF-Assistant or any other API related apps in the backround?

I run IFPax and IF-Assistant

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Successfully completed a flight of 15:11 using the pointing the camera to sky method

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After a lot of investigation we are finally confident about the source of this issue. The root cause is in a 3rd party framework we use to perform requests to our servers (to download imagery and elevation tiles for example). We have reported the issue to the 3rd party but it might still take a while to get a fix.
In the meantime, we are attempting to find a workaround but it is a fairly delicate piece of code that is hard to change without potential side effects (adding more bugs).

We will report back once we find a workaround.

Thank you for your continued patience.


Wow, that is fantastic news for everyone
Thank you so much Developers for working hard to find a way to fix it


Thank you so much for this. Will it be fixed before the next big release @philippe (Like the 777/cloud release)?

Read the 2nd half of Philippes post :)

For new arrivals to this topic, this is a good temporary tip to avoid crashes :

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I attempted an a350 long haul after seeing the possible workaround- and have good news to share, I guess. I made it to 9 hours exact flight time, before getting a little too confident and attempting to turn anti aliasing back on, which immediately crashed the app. However, this is a new a350 flight time record for me, so I can’t not be happy.


Honestly this is more exciting than the 777 and clouds combined.


For me it will be a dream come true
Can’t wait to get back to long hauls and with A350

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You have no idea how much I agree with you, I nearly broke my phone when I liked your comment 🤣


Couldnt agree more😂


I was just 16 hours in to a flight when my wifi turned off, but I’m glad I was able to make it that far!

All graphics on medium
Anti aliasing off
Limit frame rate on
Airplane count none
Using the sky facing camera

iPad 2018
iOS 13.4.1

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I’m currently doing KATL-OMDB A350 (fake route) it’s 13hrs
Settings low
Airplane count none
Anti allising off
Sky facing method.
So far it’s been good and not very laggy.
One of the problems I think on big ULH is to turn your anti allising on after 15hrs as my device stresses and crashes my app, so I will keep it or during the whole flight.
Will report the flight soon. 3hrs left until reaching Dubai.


Just completed KATL-OMDB 13:37
Longest flight with A350
Now I’m going to attempt OTHH-EGLL with medium graphics but anti allising off and airplane count to none

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Can confirm this works and works longer than I originally expected. Currently at 17hrs out of 23hrs of a continuous flight in the A350. Duration still may be affected due to a good portion of the flight being over water but with a 2GB iPad the current results are better than expected.

*Edit: Just completed a nearly 23hr flight in the A350 at medium settings on an iPad 6th gen. Can confirm the workaround is very effective.


Hmm, this is interesting. I got really excited reading that this was a known issue but it seems to only be geared toward iOS which is interesting because I have Android (Pixel 3, 1 year old) and all my flights seem to crash around the 4 hour mark. This has only been a problem since 19.4, beforehand I was flying all over the place with no problems. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, changing all the settings, even tried it in solo to see if it was the multiplayer that was giving me grief to no avail. I hope with 19.5 something changes🤞🏼😬