App keep crashing after 19.4 update

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I wouldn’t call this extremely active. We’ve received essentially no information regarding the problem in this thread…

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Just because no information is given doesn’t mean it isn’t being worked on.

It’s not an easy task to understand

We’d rather see"

‘I’ve fixed the crash, it’ll be released soon’


‘I found the error in the code 1011110101010111101 and need to replace the 0 with a 1. That should be the fault that caused the CPU to overload and reset all other components., I’ll put this to the test over the next few weeks.’

I have no idea with actual coding lol. Only basic Comand prompt and software Technician stuff 😂

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I agree that providing every small technical detail isn’t reasonable. However, there’s a middle ground between that and providing absolutely no information. And I had to call out one mod saying the other mods were extremely active when they objectively weren’t lol

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I think you misunderstand. They said the other mods had been extremely active on this thread. That clearly isn’t the case. I’m not talking about what’s going on behind the scenes.

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@s1b2p5 It’s understandable that the crashes are irritating. However, since this became an issue in the 19.4 update, over the last four months there has been lots of conversation on this. If you look at this topic’s stats, Seb is the most frequent poster, with 29 posts.

Granted, there haven’t been recent updates, but that’s probably because it takes time to find and implement a fix (and the fact that other more important issues might be at the forefront of people’s minds right now).

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I’ve dropped a few lines in other places, but not in this topic specifically.

The reason it’s taking such a long time to the point where it feels even ridiculous for us, is that the issue is extremely hard to reproduce in a manner that would allow us to get the necessary information.
It’s only reproducible on iOS device, not in our dev. environment.

So for each minor change that’s done, a version needs to be built and tested on device. And as you know, it’s not an issue that appears by just launching the app… you need to use the app for some time for it to even happen, if it happens. And if the change you made in the code had no effect, it’s back at it again. Change the code, build for device, test… etc.

The process is exhausting to say the least…


We appreciate the effort, thank you

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I’m using iPhone XR with 23.1gb left, with highest setting for all the graphics, and my phone works fine

Well then I don’t understand why there still isn’t the option to downgrade back to 19.3. At least for users who’d like to continue long haul flights. I don’t need an A350 when I cannot even use it properly!


Adding onto what Seb said, there hasn’t really been any additional news to share as of late, we’re trying different scenarios to be sure that we won’t push an update that doesn’t remedy this situation.

We really want to be able to fly long haul flights as much as you do, and we are working around the clock to get this working. I’m sorry for the delay but really appreciate your patience


Wait for the next update and for now puts the graphics parameters all medium and anti-alliasing have turned off sa should limit the crash of the application

I have actually found that for flights longer then 10+ hours, if you put your camera to “scenic top” instead of the normal scenic camera, it increases your flight time.

For the first time in a long time, I made it 14 hours into a 14 hour 30 minute flight. (Crashed on final approach.)

For people who still want to do long hauls between 8-12 hours, I would recommend uploading all your photos into some sort of cloud (google photos works great for me) and preforming a reset before each flight. Also, find some apps that you can possibly delete that you don’t use all the time to free up storage. All of this will help increase storage and increase your flight time. Once you get to cruise, do all the normal steps you do for a long haul, but just change the camera view.

I hope this helps!

Hello everyone, so today marks the 7th crash i’ve had this week, but I tried it with a twist. I would turn off the airplane count until I got to the taxiway of my destination airport. Obviously I had it on during my departure airport, but I turned it off during flight (as usual) and only turned it on when I got to the taxiway of my destination airport, and it crashed like 10 seconds after I turned it on again. I hope this helps anyone with the same issue.

@CaptainNoGear I usually keep my camera in the cockpit at the bottom near the rudder for “darkness” and I turn on the FPL+MAP setting. Is this a bad idea? I just don’t want any brightness when the flight is going.

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I’ve not tried that… 🤔 I would say be careful when having your flight plan on screen since there’s no movement with the setting. If you want darkness, I would recommend turning down your device’s brightness down, and setting the time of day to night just after dusk. That way when you use the scenic top view you will have some movement on screen to avoid the possibility of screen burn

I always put the brightness down. But I have an LCD screen, so burn isn’t that bad tho, but I could be wrong.

ive used all these points but IF still crashes on Final approach and Long Haul flights
Is it just Iphone 7 and below that IF doesn’t work on anymore?

It’s not a cure for the crashes, just something that could help.

The most affected devices are the ones with 2GB RAM or less.

Hi, can I ask if using if other aircrafts, e.g. the B787 decreases the risk of crashing when doing ULH flights instead of using the A350 as the A350 has a live cockpit?

Thanks for your help!

I think the aircraft type does make a difference but it’s a minor one. For instance my app recently crashed 20.5 hours into a flight using the 77W but 19.5 hours into a flight with the A350. So it looks like a factor but it doesn’t seem that significant.

Using an iPad mini 4 and optimizing everything to avoid crashes^


How prevalent is this issue for devices with over 2GB RAM? Do you think devices with less will just be considered incompatible in the future?