App keep crashing after 19.4 update

Just completed an 11 hour flight
Santiago to Boeing Field
Small traffic at Santiago while empty traffic at Boeing field or at nearby airspaces

Aircraft: 747-8

Device: iPad Air 2
Settings: all graphic settings to medium
Anti aliasing: off

The problem is mainly flying the A350 afaik.

Not to flex…but I haven’t had one crash…so I dunno what the problem is…but clearly I don’t have it 🤷🏻‍♂️

Edit: As I post that…my IF crashes (on my iPad)…why did I have to jinx it…😒😒

How many hours into the flight did it crash? & what iPad do you use?

15 hours 11 minutes - iPad Pro (2018 - 11”)

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Hey everyone, just a quick update, we may have found the cause and we’re testing a fix. Hopefully this can be squashed soon, many thanks for your patience :)


Phenomenal news, thank you for the update!

The struggle is real! I operate iOS devices so not sure if its only on iOS. Last night I tried to use my iPhone and still got disconnected a few times. Hopefully the hotfix will work.

Can you share more about the cause?

This is because you exit the app, or your connection as such. The main effect of 19.4 is app crashing.

It’s currently like a larvae, still being looked at and tested. Most likely the full reason won’t be established, but after the bug has successfully been fixed and tested for, they might release a short description. It could all currently be a false accusation to the system 😅

Once I use auto-pilot, I will sit my device down with the flight being displayed. Once I come back to check on things, the flight will be gone. After checking the replay, I’ll discover that the disconnection messages appear multiple times causing the flight to be reset.

It hurts so much when the app crash especially when you’re literally so close to land. App just crashed after a 16hr flight with all the setting on low and Anti-Aliasing off. Rushed home from work to land too. 😔😔


And this is why I think apple should include more ram in their devices like 6-8gb. I am just lucky my ipad pro has 4gb (less prone to crashing from testing). But I do also use a Galaxy Note 10 which has 12 gb of ram so that is overkill already.

The architecture of iOS makes it use less RAM than Android. The only drawback is that when a memory leak occurs, like in this case, you’re toast.


Can’t argue in that, but from a personal experience they’re both smooth. I’m just more of an android guy for phones (been using it for like 6 years), but IOS for tablet since it more reliable.

I can’t wait to get back to ULHs! I just hope the fix comes soon. Is it too much to ask (since it’s been two weeks since the last one): Are there any updates on the progress of the fix of the data leak, or is it still in early testing?

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This is currently being tested. It takes time since it involves ultra long haul flights to test the scenario on a wide range of devices.


I’m not have any problem before because i use a cellular network .
But now I have a lot of crashing because i use wifi .

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Do you have livery download over cellular data ticked off? If so, it makes sense.
I’ve experienced far less crashes when the airplane count is set to none, so I think it actually has less to do with the graphics and more with the density of textures, e.g. other airplanes moving around you.

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