App keep crashing after 19.4 update

SO anything that isnt an iPad Pro or iPhone 11 is basically useless right now. If that is the case than consider my IF days done (and it isnt IF’s fault) I know the devs went through a lot of optimization to make IF run smooth on iOS13 but it long flights are able to be done at all on the device then there really isnt any point of having IF pro at all. Even with background apps closed my the 2018 iPad has over a 50% chance of crashing IF. I know enough to say that this will never be IF’s fault but at this point what is the purpose of having IF if you cant use anything for longer than 4 hours?


I’ve tried what chris said, but i still not working

I flew OTHH-EGLL this morning and when it already 2.30. App crashed. Maybe bcs of my iph 6 or 19.4 update? I’m not sure


This is what happened to me seconds before landing at WSSS.


Here’s my story of A350 app crashes with all the info

1st. Finnair A350 from HEL-SIN. Took off, got to cruise, no third party apps running, when I got back from school my iPad was off because IF had crashed. Went back and checked the replay to make sure my plane didn’t crash. I was about 7 hours in.

2nd. Evelop A350 from CUN-MAD. Same thing, I took off, went to school, no third parties, came back, descended, and about 8nm out from the airport the app crashed. Settings for both flights are below.

I am on an iPad 2018

Graphics on high
Airplane count medium
Anti-aliasing on
Limit frame rate on

App is crashing at any stage of the flight, but most often on final

App quits and sends me to iPad home screen, no freeze, just sudden quit

Rebooted my device before flight. Not reinstalling because I don’t want to lose replays.

This is very frustrating as it is becoming difficult to complete longer flights, even on newer devices, without the app crashing.


Do you know if infinite flight has started using more ram than before? As there is significantly an increase in crashes since the recent update.


The answer is right under your nose:


So would the term “hot fix update” apply here?


Yes, but i can’t say when at this point. Trust me, we really want to get this fixed and pushed as soon as possible. But we’re not there yet… It’s truly painful to read about these crashes.


Thanks, this makes me feel better that you guys are listening and trying to fix it. Thanks for all the hard work.


better progress on my A350. the app crashed on final. so i just clear cache every maybe 30 minutes. hope developer can fix it soon 😁


This is the last month of buying live for me because I’m leaving for basic training. Hopefully things will be fixed. Thank you for all your responses

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I applied all you wrote, keep crashing tho, it’s the 4th time I uninstall IF in 2 days

Have you restarted or done the soft restart before each flight? How long are the flights? What device?

  1. Yes, before flights and before controlling ATC

  2. My first flight was 2hours with everything high and I had no crash,
    the day after 6hours with everything high and I crashed literally on final…

  3. iPhone 7, I had 2,56Go left, no app opened behind.

  4. But the most important is today, when I was controlling during 1 hours I crashed 3 times, 2 of them were in less than 15 minutes, everything was lower, frame off, no apps opened behind, 2,56Go left.

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I would say #2 is not that unexpected.

#4 is a different story, but most likely related to the same root cause. I’ll have to check with the devs on that.


how about to do a smooth restart before opening infinite flight and also clear cache every 1 hour or so

btw, is it possible to have an update to fix this so i can do a long haul as normal again using my iphone 6?

Very strong maybe. That model is reaching the end of it’s lifetime cycle being over 5 years old.

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I guess I’ll post about my experience in the hopes it’ll help with a possible hotfix.

I’ve had 3 crashes thus far since 19.4, all during planned 12+ hour flights

Device details:

IPad 2017
16 GB Free
No other apps open during flight
Plugged in to charge during flight

IF Details:
Graphics: High
Low Power Mode enabled during cruise
Camera set to scenic to reduce burn in
Brightness all the way lowered
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit Frame Rate: On

I soft restarted before 2 of the 3 flights.

All three flights crashed before 7 hours, one at 4.5 hours, one at 6.5 hours and one at 6 hours. One I witnessed myself- IF didn’t freeze and then crash as it has for me with crashes on the past, it simply crashed straight back to the home screen in a blink.

I hope this is helpful! I’ve had occasional app crashes on flights before, but never at this consistent frequency.

Edit- I’m going to try another long haul right now, but with some tweaked settings to see if anything changes. I’ll put graphics on low, airplane count on low and turn anti-aliasing off in cruise, as well as keep the camera on cockpit view with the hud turned off.


I’ll also add my PECULIAR experience here.

Device: iPad Air 2 on iOS13

Graphics: high
Anti aliasing: off
Low power mode in-flight ENABLED
Limited frame rate: on
NO airplane dots
Airplane count: medium
Scenery cache never deleted
PLENTY of storage left in my iPad (32gb is still free)

First crash: Toulouse to Manila, crashed around the 4 hour mark

THEN I flew Manila to Singapore with ATC and light traffic, was on idle on parking for 40 minutes, then flew BACK to Manila. Total flight time was about 5 hours.

On that same day, I flew from New York to Manila, flight time was 17hr+, no traffic on arrival.

Second crash: Hong Kong to Madrid, crashed upon contact with approach.

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