App just crashed mid-flight

Was flying Narita to Incheon. This hasnt happened before. Not sure what went wrong. Really disappointing, I was enjoying that flight.

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Please move to #support.
Seems like an in app issue.
On a second note, how much RAM does your device have as IF uses a good amount and some devices “kill” apps that use too much RAM

You’re going to need to provide more information so we can help you figure out what went wrong. 🙂

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Unfortunately that happens for various reasons, however, posting just to complain about it doesnt help the situation! If there were things that happened that seemed like a glitch, it’d be good to post more information about your device, what you were doing and what may have caused it.

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Could you please provide more details.

• Device Info and Operating System

• Infinite Flight build installed

• Available storage

Many issues can be resolved by simply updating your operating system, restarting your device before flights, keeping background apps to a minimum and ensuring you have limit frame rate enabled.



Sorry thought I had posted in support

Iphone 6s.

Latest iOS and app update

12 of 32gb free

Had device on flight mode with no background apps open

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Latest iOS, which build?

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Sorry what do you mean by build?

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Which number? 11.3, 11.4, 11.4.1?

There’s also users on beta iOS12.

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I have the latest, 11.4.1

I would assume it’s just a random occurrence, unless it continuously happens I see no problem as time to time apps crash.

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Okay thanks for the update. Did you have any apps running in the background at all? Did you perhaps have a charging issue or did a message possibly come through on your phone?

Reason I ask is, I was having issues where AT&T was sending me texts even though I don’t generally get messages on my iPad. That kept pausing the app when I was sleeping and sometimes I would wake to find the app was force closed by the device. It was a device issue and not an issue with Infinite Flight in itself.

No other apps running and device in flight mode. I didn’t clear ram before flight though which I usually do. Was charging during the flight. ’

Nothing happened, it just crashed and restarted the phone.

Oh one other thing, do you have portrait orientation locked?


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Nope, never have that locked

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Oh your phone actually restarted. Hmmm, I would say that it was probably a culmination of not restarting and something else happened on the device end. Do your apps automatically update when connected to WiFi?

No I have auto updates set to off

Last thing to check and then would you mind trying to reproduce this issue again?

Have a look here and let us know if this is selected on (low power mode in device settings):

No that’s turned off - although it was around the point where you get that ‘device sufficiently charged’ message coming up while charging. However this hasnt caused an issue before.

How should I reproduce?

Just sent you a PM. Let’s continue there and then we can share relevant information here later.

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