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Past 2-3 days I have been experiencing issues with the app.When I try to change the camera view the app stops running and ends the current session.Several times I was in the middle of a long haul flight or trying to start taxiing the app ends the session.

I tried restarting the phone several times before I start using the sim and I cleared lot of memory on my phone. As of now there are 9 GB of free space available on my phone but still the issue persists.

Please note that I use an android phone

What is the solution?


Hi there! How much RAM is on your device? Make sure you have 1GB of RAM on your device. Moving the camera around a lot has been known to crash the app. I would take note of that.

My phone has 2 GB RAM

Ok. Like I said, moving the camera around a lot has been known to crash the app. Have you reinstalled the app yet?

Could you please tell us what phone do you have and what graphics-settings you use?

I would also see if you can clear any cache from your device also. Also, if your graphics settings are on high this could be causing the app to crash.

@Delta_Alpha_Lima I have been using IF since 2012 I have never faced this issue before even though I use to change the camera views a lot more than I do now.

Haven’t tried reinstalling yet

I use Nexus 5x.

Graphic settings are set as:

Rendering quality: medium
Rendering resolution: high
texture quality: medium
Anti liasing : off
Limit frame rate : yes

What Android version are you using? Android Oreo should be available for your phone.

Yep Android Oreo.8.1.0

First step: Go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data > Click on OK. Turn off your device for 10 seconds and turn it back on.
Test it out and report back.

I don’t see cached data option

Just restart your device and do a test flight. (You have Android Oreo, the software should clear the cache automatically now)

If that doesn’t work, go to the app manager > Infinite Flight > clear/delete data. Then delete Infinite Flight, restart your device, reinstall Infinite Flight and do another test flight. Report back after you have done that.

Ok thanks I will do that

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I have the same problem with my Samsung tab e i will try to follow these steps…
Thanks for your help…

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Keep your graphics low, and avoid moving the camera a lot.

I had the same issue with an Android Asus tablet. The only way I found to fix the issue was to reset my device back to factory settings and then reinstalled IF. For some reason just reinstalling the app didn’t work. This may be the only answer for your issues with your Android phone.

Hey there, I know it’s a little late but I think i understand why you are having issues with your device.
The Nexus 5x was released in 2015 and uses a Snapdragon 808, coupled with an ardeno 418 GPU. Whilst your phone may have some pretty solid specifications, the GPU and CPU in your device have been around for quite a while, and chances are they are reaching the limit of their performance after 3 years of use. These were also planned to go to android 8.0, not 8.1.
I would advise following the suggestions above and just bear in mind your phone may not be as powerful as it once was.