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Infinite Flight doesn’t load any replay flight, can’t load flight in multiplayer, can’t load in solo mode. I click “FLY” and get infinite loading. I reloaded my phone, deleted approximately 3-5 flights from replay, I have 28GB of free storage, I cleared scenery cache. Nothing were helpful.
My last flight was yesterday from UUEE to VTBS (~9 hours) on B77W of Aeroflot with other pilots at arrival. Firstly, when I was above 5000 feet the scenery transformed into the fog (or something like that). Well, I thought it was the weather, but this scenery was during the whole flight and other players were faced this problem too.
Secondly, I have never faced turbulence in the previous month and in this month too. I know - it’s a bug.
So, today I wanted to fly from Manchester to Toulouse on A319 of AirFrance, but I got that issue, so I canceled my flight for today :).
But I planning to fly tomorrow from UUEE to KMIA on A350, so will I cancel this flight too?

There was a server maintenance earlier which may have affected the loading of your flight’s scenery or weather. Please restart the app, reclear the old cache, and hope it works this time.

If not, please give more info about your device model, op system etc.

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Didn’t helped, unfortunately

Sorry about the inconvenience. Need more info about your device.

iPhone 6S with the latest iOS version

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