App isn't opening

The app is not opening .
Its asking me to contact coustomer support

What device are you on?

What does the error say? Can you provide a screen shot of the error?

I am on vivo v15 pro mobile phone… Plz see the enclosed

Are you on cellular or WIFI?
Have you tried rebooted your device?

I am cellular , yes I have rebooted my device twice

Are you using a VPN?

Have you tried using WIFI? Has it ever worked with cellular?

If its not your connection, which it probably is, maybe try deleting and reinstalling the app?

That’s the last thing that should be done.

Please try the steps stated above. Do not uninstall IF, unless the problem persists, even after trying the steps above.

In my opinion, the last thing that should be done is reseting your device to factory settings, because the only thing you’ll lose are your replays so it doesn’t matter that much, but it’ll only work if the problem’s related to the device, in this case it’s probably something to do with your connection

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