App is starting to crash again

So for the past couple of weeks after the navigation hotfix the app has been running very smoothly and I have been able to do several 12H+ flights on my IPad mini2 without it crashing but just last night I was flying KSEA-RJTT and the app crashed a little over an hour into the flight. I had plane count on none and anti-aliasing off, I had graghics on high but that shouldn’t affect it because for all my other 12H+ flights I had my ghraghics on high and on those other ones I was using the A350. Can someone please tell me what is wrong?

Are you aware if Apple pushed a notification to your device or if it tried updating overnight?

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What were your rendering quality settings?

Were you running a 777 on this last flight? You need to know that the 777 last more resources than the 350

No I don’t have any notifications and my iPad is no longer getting updates from apple.

I was using the A350 and all my settings were on high except for plane count and anti aliasing was off.

It is going to be difficult for us to know what the root cause is. I’d say for now you’ll need to play it safe and lower your graphics settings. Fact is, if you do an overnighter and you aren’t worried about looking at scenery and other aircraft, it won’t hurt to lower the settings.


I have aircraft count at none and I have had setting high for all my flights some overnighters and it never crashed.

I would almost say that this is pure luck. Running everything at High on an iPad Mini 2 and managing such long flights, are actually impressive :)


Okay then.

Make sure your sittings is low
And if you get to the final height change the camera to ATC view

I don’t know how to land with atc view.

And open that choice

I have automatic low power mode on already.

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and do clearcache before each trip and restart the device

Ok will do good idea.

I hope I’ve benefited you.
Stay safe🌹

You too, you have benefited me.

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Is it all fixed now @StormyAviation?

I haven’t tried doing any flights yet, I will try tonight though.

oh ok! Hope it works for you.